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Friday, May 09, 2008

Get ready for the most negative election in history and I am glad

We don't have coups.
We have few riots, and fewer political ones.
We don't have party militias or guards.

This is our substitute and I don't mind the combat of venomous jaw jaw.
It is, frankly, ridiculous to expect it to end any other way.
Just ask Andrew Jackson, John Q Adams, and Abe Lincoln.

So we turn via Townhall to Obama's GREAT victory moment in NC. Certainly we all saw the vibrant triumphant moment and crowd....
obama nc triumph1.jpg

Ah yes... the victor savors victory...but wait....
obama nc triumph 2.jpg
Yet not a word of this ....

Thumbnail image for obama nc triumph3.jpg
Anyone else wondering how many other bumper stickers like this were extant in the crowd's vehicles?
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