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Saturday, May 10, 2008

If this story is true, then what the hell is Hillary Clinton after?

Since neither Obama nor Clinton can grab the needed 2205 more or less required for the nomination, though Barry can claim the majority for ONE BALLOT if we eliminate Florida and Michigan ... why is Ted McAuliffe saying this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman said on Thursday he believes the Democrats will have a presidential nominee in June and that if it is not Clinton, she will campaign for rival Barack Obama.

While the MSM's, embarrassingly in the bag, pundits keep saying it is over, the iron hard facts are that if Hillary wants to make fight for Florida and Michigan's votes, absolutely NOTHING has been decided.

More, if the super delegates are not counted as rock hard, nothing has been decided even if those two states are discounted. We have seen several-many supers switch at will already.

If Hillary is going to win WV and KY and only Moonbat land eco delusionaries in Oregon are going for Obamessiah, then nobody has anything to claim, PROVIDED Hillary has decided to contest Florida and Michigan, and that can only occur in one place..DENVER at the convention.

So what is this story really about?
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