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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Republicans should be getting ready to explain how a more conservative ideology benefits ordinary americans, ESPECIALLY in Michigan and Ohio

Barney Frank et al are going to ensure no automobile industry can survive in America. They are going to do it by 'caring' for the workers. They are going to do it by 'helping' the unions, or should I say, by undertaking all actions compulsory to indemnify union support for democrats.

It doesn't matter.

In the 90's health costs for US vehicles represented 50% of labor.
By 2000 they were the same as labor.
Now they are twice labor.
And a major part of this is the benefits for RETIRED WORKERS WHO HAVE NOT REACHED MEDICARE AGE. Isn't that nice for them?

Nothing can overcome such a competitive disadvantage to Honda, Toyota, Nissan AND the next wave of Hyundai, et al. This is not just price we are talking about. This is moneys for R&D. Moneys for retooling assembly line robots. Safety for vehicles.
HondaFCXfuelcellca2r-thumb-420x226.jpgUnions are at the absolute center of this disaster, but they spin about the middle like twin stars with auto management.

Barney Frank has alluded to too much "union busting" today. In fact the head of the UAW has said the unions have done all they are going to do.

What's going on, is unions busting the entire industry.

Unless the power of a judge to compel rational behavior is achieved through Chapter 11, or some other mechanism like that, we will see the decay into a dead star of the autmobile industry in america.

The fault will lie with unions, management and the democratic party, and if Barack Obama gets a second term, he may be the one who sees it's death.

The republicans need to explain to the american people, especially if Chambliss and or Coleman lose, how this death CANNOT be avoided if the USA writes a check to the auto industry (in fact who will come along next and go before the courts to get aid as an industry or company ..Xerox anyone? ... seeking in effect equal protection under the law). They need to carefully connect how capital and the laws of nature dictate certain behaviors, and that the free market with safeguards is far and away the most liberal and flexible solution to the problems we face.

Those answers should be generated from AEI, Hoover and Cato. Today
They should be understandable and repeatable by the folks who appeared yesterday in HOWOBAMAGOTELECTED.COM
And every republican should get lined up in 4 part harmony to promulgate the truth.

Which is:
Only the auto industry can save itself.
It can be done only if the auto workers are prepared to match the competitive pressures of worldwide labor, and under new management.
That is the law of nature and no congress, and no president can repeal it.

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