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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Other Actor

I am not going to write about Gert he is getting enough attention else where

I am going to write about the person who resides in this heavily guarded

The person I am going to write about has to have armed police guards not because she is under threat from any right wing activists, or muslims, but because crime has gone up in the London street where the person I am going to write about lives despite the presence of police armed with machine-guns whenever she is there.

Figures for the street and four adjoining streets show the number of notifiable offences, which includes robberies, burglaries and assaults, have jumped by more than 60 per cent year on year.Armed police were stationed outside the house in in Peckham, south London, last night while the person I am going to write about and her sister were inside.

A security system that includes a video entry-phone has been installed at the property.

Neighbours said the person I am going to write about had been there since at least April last year and it is thought she had also lodged with her sister, a BBC reporter, at her previous home in a nearby road.

The person I am going to write about is facing the possibility of a formal inquiry after declaring her sister's £450,000 house as her main residence, allowing her to claim £116,000 over six years.

So while the person I am going to write is stuffing her snout in the trough behind police protection, the slim men stalk the streets.

The person I am going to write about then has the gumption to say:

We face a serious and sustained threat from terrorism in the UK, and in the long term it is clear that this threat is countered by challenging the ideology that supports terrorism and by preventing people from turning to violent extremism in the first place. That is why last week, together with my right hon. Friends the Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government and for Children, Schools and Families, I published new proposals to support mainstream Muslim voices, to strengthen communities and to fund work in schools, colleges and prisons, and with young offenders. I am grateful to community leaders, the police, local authorities and others for all that they do to prevent the spread of violent extremism, and we have announced an additional £12.5 million of funding to assist them in that important work.

The person I am going to write about is the Secretary of State for the Home Department, commonly known as the Home Secretary, is the minister in charge of the United Kingdom Home Office and is one of the Great Offices of State. The Home Secretary is responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales, and for immigration and citizenship for the whole of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

The remit of the UK ministry includes policing, national security, immigration, and matters of citizenship.

The current Home Secretary is Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith has announced. According to The Telegraph, Smith has struck a deal with Islamabad under which respected imams could be invited to help British Muslims counter the fundamentalists.
The move is part of the Gordon Brown Governments efforts to step up its so-called prevent agenda, which is aimed at tackling jihadi propaganda in Muslim communities.
In a newspaper interview at the weekend, Miss Smith said: “The vast majority of British Muslims have a Pakistani heritage. If we work with the Government there, we can win the arguments.

And it was jaqui Smith who made the ruling that Geert was too dangerous to be allowed into Britain


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical lodgergate outcome . . .The parliamentary standards watchdog has dismissed complaints about Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's expenses.

via Mrakreckons

"We know Miss Smith's game. She will struggle to hold her seat at the next election, as Labour will struggle to hold the country. Faced not just with the loss of a ministerial salary but also an MP's one (with all its juicy expenses), and with life in the House of Lords perhaps no longer a gravy train, it makes sense to coin it in while you can. This includes having her husband on her payroll, too. If lean times hit the Smith household, there should be a bit of fat to live off while the Job Centre does its work."


Thursday, February 12, 2009 7:24:00 pm  
Blogger christian soldier said...

It is my understanding that the police in Great Britain are NOT ARMED-how does she rate ARMED police?

Thursday, February 12, 2009 10:09:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is right..100% on Geert.

Friday, February 13, 2009 1:35:00 pm  

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