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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Environmental Nazis

Today we face an ideology every bit as pitiless and messianic as Marxism. And like socialism a hundred years ago, it holds the moral high ground. Not as the brotherhood of man, since we live in post-Christian times, but as the brotherhood of bugs. Like socialism, environmentalism combines an atheistic religion with virulent statism. But it ups the ante. Marxism at least professed a concern with human beings; environmentalism harks back to a godless, manless, and mindless Garden of Eden.

The invasive tampering with human nature which the totalitarian regimes have tried to implement during the 20th century can be laid at the feet of Jean Jacques Rousseau, the father of modern environmentalism. Environmentalism is an anti-human, anti-science and anti-technology religion. It worships an undefined entity called The Environment which has some of the characteristics of the Christian Heaven, but without humans.

During the Reign of Terror, Rousseauians constituted what Isabel Paterson called "humanitarians with the guillotine." We face something worse: plantitarians with the pistol.

The Malthusians of the environment see their gods in nature where man is nothing more than another hairy biped that will evolve into something else at some point. This New Age-California philosophy is the hatred of man and the Western religious traditions that places man at the center of creation. Christians are guilty of the sin of capitalism and this crime must be avenged by destroying everything that the achievers of this world have accomplished, at least since the Industrial Revolution.

Ron James, an English Green leader, says the proper level of economic development is that "between the fall of Rome and the rise of Charlemagne." "The only way to live in harmony with Nature is by living at a subsistence level," as the animals do.

Environmentalist hold a Manichean world view when war is a natural order of things, a war between light and darkness, between good and evil, between body and soul and they look upon the universe as a vast battlefield where man is a vermin who needs to be controlled or eliminated by the authority of an earthly monarch. The state!

Giving plants and animals the same equal rights as man by denying that man has a soul so that people like Paul Ehrlich might feel easier about eliminating the human presence from the earth. Ehrlich has been preaching the demise of the planet because of a belief of over population since the publication of his controversial book The Population Bomb in 1968. Restricting or regulating safe and effective herbicides that control weeds along with banning the use of nitrogen fertilizer which promotes plant growth have long been on the environmentalist list. Perhaps engineering a crisis is the only way that Erlich's predictions will be realized.

Loggers know that mankind's very existence depends on bending nature to our will, and that if we ever stop doing so, the jungle will reclaim our cities.

The raw natural resources that can be dug, mined, drilled, raised, plowed, or cut and the products that are made from working in the dirt (or water) are the only real sources of wealth and these activities have all been demonized, ostracized and politicized while any industrial activity is characterized as environmental exploitation.Yes, there has been abuses but the true stewards of the earth are the conservationist who work in the industries and have corrected past practices and are striving to improve upon their own livelihoods while environmentalist work feverishly to lock up or regulate any and all natural resources on the false claim that all of our resources are finite, supposedly for the public good. The private industries would like to stay in business and if there are shortages we would see prices adjusted by supply and demand and not by regulation or manipulation.

Genetically modified seed is vilified as some sort of monster that will kill any other plants that grows near them when in fact it is a specific herbicide resistant plant with the technology to feed billions.The environmentalist realized that natural resources are the engine of capitalism and they are stopping that engine by using politics to block the production of goods and services.
You do not need wealth to live at a subsistence level!

Environmentalist are infatuated with state sponsored mercantilism, this old form of crony corporatism where one group of people pay for the benefits of another group for the "public good". Coal has been the scapegoat of so-called clean air advocates for years, yet there is technology available to clean the emissions of this cheap resource. General Electric owns the cheer leading, global warming advocate NBC, who has given up any pretense of objective reporting by scaremongering the global warming hoax and promoting green solutions. General Electric also owes their creditors billions of dollars and they want to make electricity producing wind powered turbines paid for by the people who will be forbidden by regulations and price to use cheap coal fired energy. Hopefully this scheme will be less disruptive than Abraham Lincoln's mercantilist plan to have the South pay for the North's railroads.

Like today's environmentalists, who place every bug and weed above humans, the Nazis were ardent conservationists. They passed a host of laws to protect "nature and nature's animals," especially "endangered" plants and animals.

It is an amazing sight to behold and frightening to watch as the environmental movement marches green goose steps with the goose steps of the Nazis while they accuse any who oppose them to be fascist and then defamed as a Nazis. We know now that they were "health nuts, exercise freaks, ecologists, organic food zealots, animal righters, and alcohol and tobacco haters." The Nazis urged the German people to eat raw fruit and vegetables and whole grain bread. "They even hated wonder bread." German medical journals blamed cancer on red meat and preservatives. They were anti-pesticide and only organic fertilizer could be used.

The statist desire to control the food supply is as old as time and this modern version of environmentalism is correspondent with any previous tyrants and the outcome we face will be no different if this movement is not only resisted but defeated.

An estimated 16,000 people who were found guilty of high treason, mostly by
opposing the Nazis regime, were guillotined by the Nazis between 1938 and 1945.

Our very existence is based on our dominion over nature; it was created for that end, and it is to that end that it must be used – through a private-property, free-market order.

The most extreme environmentalist has a "Final Solution" for the planet and it certainly does not include you or me and maybe not even them. This is the essence of evil!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And give us this day, our Julian Simon bread. And forgive these vile jackals, who'd see us all dead. And to all thinking peoples, my warm smile and hug. Another day fighting the sad urge to shrug.

Saturday, February 06, 2010 10:56:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a raving nut your aproach will distroy all of nature and human being as well humans are the nazis of the natural world as we beleive we are the master speices.confirming this view will only help distroy all life on earth incliding humans.daryl sprake

Saturday, February 20, 2010 6:10:00 am  

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