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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terrorist/Murderer Anders Behring Breivik's Comments About Islam and Multiculturalism

From Islam Vs. Europe:
These are Google translations of comments Anders Behring Breivik made on the website document.no. There are many comments, so I will update this post as I go.

There is very little that he said that I would disagree with. It is clear that he is a Counterjihadist and visits the same sites that most of us do, Gates of Vienna, Jihadwatch, Atlas Shrugs, etc. He cites Fjordman's "Defeating Eurabia" many times. (Apparently some people have even hilariously claimed that Fjordman was himself the perpetrator. This is lunacy.)

Breivik also follows political developments in Britain and reads the Telegraph and Daily Mail. The revelation of the Labour government's conspiracy to flood the country with immigrants to "rub the right's nose in diversity" was of great interest to him. I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far.

What emerges very clearly from the comments is that he harbours resentment against the mainstream media for pushing a culturally Marxist agenda and covering up Muslim wrong-doing and the negative effects of mass immigration and multiculturalism in Europe generally. This applies especially in Norway, where he felt that the politically correct agenda was completely unchallenged by the mainstream press. This may explain the attack on the VG newspaper's offices. In some of the comments, he discussed setting up a Norwegian media organisation with a culturally conservative focus.

No doubt the media will try and depict him as a simple Nazi, but anyone reading his comments can see that he is far from that. He describes himself as a cultural conservative adhering to what he calls the Vienna School of Thought. He summarises this as follows:

Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
- Against Islamization
- Anti-racist
- Anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
- Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
- Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
- To reveal the Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)
- Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists

In one post he mocks a journalist for speculating that a terror attack may have been carried out by right-wingers rather than Muslims:
"I do not understand why cnn mention the extreme right and the National Socialists? I have never ever heard of a right extreme or NS terrorist attacks of importance on European soil. This sounds like kulturmarxistisk wishful thinking."

Here are his quotes:
The problem is that it often does not help about 80% of Muslims are "moderates", ie they ignore the Quran. "It takes very few people to overthrow a plane."

What percentage is the Taliban of Pakistan's population? 1%, 3%, 5%? And how much chaos is there today?

In every society where Islam exists there will be a certain percentage of the Muslims who actually follow the traditional interpretations of the Koran.

And then we have the relationship between conservative Muslims and so-called "moderate Muslims".

There is moderate Nazis, too, that does not support fumigation of rooms and Jews. But they're still Nazis and will only sit and watch as the conservatives Nazis strike (if it ever happens). If we accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves from the fumigation of rooms and Jews?

Now it unfortunately already cut himself with Marxists who have already infiltrated-culture, media and educational organizations. These individuals will be tolerated and will even work as professors and lecturers at colleges / universities and are thus able to spread their propaganda.

For me it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differ. They are all supporters of hate-ideologies. Not all Muslims, Nazis and Marxists are conservative, most are moderate. But does it matter? A moderate Nazi might, after having experienced fraud, choose to be conservative. A moderate Muslim can, after being refused to enter a club, be conservative, etc.

It is obvious that the moderate supporters of hate-ideologies, at a later date may choose conservatism.

Islam (ism) has historically led to 300 million deaths
Communism has historically led to 100 million deaths
Nazism has historically led to 6-20 million deaths

ALL hate ideologies should be treated equally.
Yes, he wrote that. "all hate ideologies should be treated equally".

He was bothered by the fact that the media tried to blame the "right-wing" for a terrorist attack and then he went out and committed a vile, malevolent act of terror.

Somehow this guy who quoted Philosophers like Mill, admired Churchill, disavowed hate ideologies, owned and managed a company of 790 employees, also seemed to be managing voices in his head, and not very well.

This is a really strange story. But, as we all know, truth is, often, stranger than fiction.

There are many more quotes from Anders Behring Breivik at Islam vs. Europe.
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Anonymous ronmorgen said...

All I can say is that he was not really a Christian conservative or he would not have done that. He does fit Daniel description of those who join us in hypocrisy.

"Those who are wise will instruct many... and many who are NOT SINCERE will join them.
Dan 11:33

Saturday, July 23, 2011 4:39:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm watching a movie I was hoping never to come back.
Norway brought it back.

It's not a Islam issue, it's a pure COMMUNISM issue.
It's a come back of the Cold War.
The communist don't have any God. Not even Allah.
Their god is the party activist.

Norway imported Iranians and these guys hijacked their Left Party.
On that island there was a pure communist meeting.
Who doesn't believe his ears or eyes should find out more about Ali Esbati.
Something extremely evil is happening in that country.
As I said, it's not an anti-Islam issue:

It's a pure anti-communism issue.

Sunday, July 31, 2011 12:59:00 am  

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