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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mark Tapson on Frank Miller's Holy Terror

Mark Tapson at Front Page Mag has written about Frank Miller's anti-jihad graphic novel Holy Terror, and how sympathisers with Islamofascism have predictably savaged the book, with the UAE based paper The National providing lip service for every vicious dissenter they can fit in, and even smearing patriotism as "jingoism". How predictable of them.

And of course, the problem they pose also lies within some corners of the comics-based press too. Speaking of which, I hadn't thought of it initially, but as I noted in this earlier post, I think Miller was making a kind of ironic joke when he said he could tell you "squat" about Islam but more about al Qaeda. Yet that's not what leftist Comics Alliance wanted anyone to think, choosing instead to make Miller out to sound like a goof. It's too bad that they've chosen to be so pathetic, but fortunately, it didn't undermine sales for Miller's new graphic novel.
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