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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2014 TRAP - the party of NO - Is Obama Even SERIOUS about his Cabinet picks?

Is Barack Obama proceeding on a plan HE believes will portray the Republican party as the partner HAMAS is to Israel in seeking peace?
Not a stupid man by any means, Mr. Obama has chosen a Secretary of State who believes our harsh words to Norkland will ‘send a message’ that Iran will heed.
Really? But Mr. Kerry, who famously threw away his medals over the ‘criminal’ war in Vietnam has already been approved by his former club members.
Next, he chose Chuck Hagel, an arguably bigoted, racist, Iran denying, incompetent who named the USA the ‘BULLY OF THE WORLD’ on Al Jazzeera. Who would NOT be ready to filibuster such a man? THen Reid CHASTIZES the Republicans? Only Jane Fonda, or Ramsay Clarke could be much more provocative for this position.
Bravo for Inhofe and others (?)
Then comes Brennan for the CIA, where, never mind the now, AVOIDANCE of stating we will NEVER use a drone over the USA to kill Americans, has demonstrated WORSE judgment than any other intelligence individual I can think since 1996. His stupidity has reached such heights some actually BELIEVE he has taken the Shahada and become Muslim. I find this not credible, but his statements such as his being HAPPY with the USA GITMO release to native nation program because its recidivism rate is better than that of US prisons stands as an ICON of galactically stupid policy.
Good for Rand Paul and others (?)
Finally Jack Lew for Treasury, whose Cayman Islands bank shenanigans are IDENTICAL to what Stephanie Cutter et al found UNACCEPTABLE in Americans seeking high office (i.e. Mr. Romney)
These picks are ALL so egregious, awful, and inciteful, I have to wonder if the purpose of such horrible choices is to provoke the Republican party to a spate of MEGA PUBLIC FILIBUSTERS to MESSAGE IN 2014 that he cannot work with the unreasonable extremists in the Republican party and set them up for a sweep of the House and an otherwise VULNERABLE Senate.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BHO will try to use the voter fraud machine that instead of dissolving went non-profit, i.e. his campaign group, to pull a repeat of 2012 at the state level.

But his gun control effort coupled with the implementation of Commicare may bring a 2010 election repeat, which may include the Senate.

Reopublicans need to be on the watch now for voter fraud in the works, not wait until after the 2014 elections, like they did in 2012.

Saturday, February 16, 2013 12:43:00 am  

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