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Monday, February 11, 2013

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Director Says Obama’s Support for Muslim Brotherhood Led to Rape, Torture and Murder

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Director Says Obama’s Support for Muslim Brotherhood Led to Rape, Torture and Murder.(CJR).
By Daniel Greenfield:

I’m really glad that we have a Nobel Prize winning leader in the White House who has ended the policy of supporting brutal tyrants in the Middle East who terrorize their own people.
Oh wait… we don’t.

Bahieddin Hassan, the director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, has written an open letter to Obama asking him to end his policy of supporting the Islamist tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Mr President, when I spoke with you in 2010, I asked why the US administration condemns repressive practices in Iran while remaining silent when Arab regimes engage in the same violations. Over recent months, statements by your administration have similarly failed to address violations and have even blamed protesters and victims for violence committed in the context of demonstrations. Indeed, the stances of your administration have given political cover to the current authoritarian regime in Egypt and allowed it to fearlessly implement undemocratic policies and commit numerous acts of repression
Hassan accuses Hussein of using the Muslim Brotherhood’s own talking points in the administration’s statements supporting Morsi.Is it a coincidence that the statements issued by your administration reflect the same political rhetoric used by the new authoritarian regime in Egypt? But when these statements come from the world’s superpower — the one most able to have a positive or negative impact on policies in Egypt and the region, not to mention the biggest donor and material supporter of the Egyptian regime for the past 35 years — they become lethal ammunition, offering political protection to perpetrators of murder, torture, brutality and rape.
Hassan describes the crimes and atrocities being perpetrated by the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood regime.

Read the full story here.

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