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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

John Galt’s Real Strike: Chapter Four, and EVERYONE GOT TO OBSERVE IT

Welcome to the Banana Republic of America.
Only 110 million homes got to see this, but did anyone think about WHY on the most viewed event each year in the USA, and PROBABLY world wide there we had a blackout?
Maybe it was insufficient power prep for Beyonce, or maybe because of breakers not up to that load, or maybe because of incipient damages left from Katrina, but IT DOESN’T MATTER.
Someone or some group, or a chain of individuals just didn’t care enough to make sure.
Why should they? They can work hard and put out extra and get A, or they can put it on cruise and get .85xA with no risk to themselves.
And worst, if someone came out and said ‘YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLACKOUT’, what do you think the reaction chain of those above that person would have been?
John Galt makes his presence known NOT by the disappearance of key producers and inventors and financiers, but by the disappearance of performance  of everyday items and services. A new normal of not as good. A new normal of ‘What are you gonna do?’
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