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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Funeral Pyre of the Three Valkyries; the Real Obama Doctrine

From Michael Ledeen at PJM:

Not so long ago, when President Obama reluctantly permitted American military power to be used in the Libyan insurrection against Muammar Gaddafi, it was said that he did so when three forceful women convinced him it was a moral imperative.  The three — Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice — were dubbed “the Valkyries,” and the “doctrine” they were credited with presenting to the president was “responsibility to protect” (RtoP, as it is called in the United Nations) or “humanitarian intervention” on behalf of innocents facing slaughter from their own rulers.
We were told that, henceforth, Obama and his warrior women would not tolerate large-scale bloodbaths directed by tyrants against civilian populations.  No more Cambodias.  No more Rwandas.  No more Bosnias.
Quite aside from whether or not this was good strategic policy, pundits noted the “man bites dog” aspect of the story.  Strong women had imposed their will on the president and his male advisers (all of whom were opposed).  Thus Maureen Dowd, for example:
We’ve come a long way from feminist international relations theory two decades ago that indulged in stereotypes about aggression being “male” and conciliation being “female.” And from the days of Helen Caldicott, the Australian pediatrician and nuclear-freeze activist who disapprovingly noted the “psychosexual overtones” of military terminology such as “missile erector” and “thrust-to-weight ratio.” Caldicott wrote in her book “Missile Envy:” “I recently watched a filmed launching of an MX missile. It rose slowly out of the ground, surrounded by smoke and flames and elongated into the air — it was indeed a very sexual sight, and when armed with the ten warheads it will explode with the most almighty orgasm.”
To be sure, the Valkyries of Norse myth didn’t save innocents; their main tasks were to decide which fighters survived the battle, and then rescue the spirits of the bravest slain warriors and accompany them to Valhalla, whence they would rise to fight again alongside Odin in the final battle against the forces of evil.  But never mind the technicalities; they were armed and armored, and they were battle maidens, just like Obama’s Furies.
Not only had the American Valkyries imposed their will on Gaddafi, they had also squeezed a doctrine out of a president who had previously dithered his way through the earlier Iranian and Arab uprisings.  Or so it was said, by admirers and critics alike.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where were the Valkyries after the Iranian elections, when the Iranian people were begging Obama for an intervention...?

Oh! Wait! They were not favoring Islamic radicals!!! They were hoping the US would support freedom and democracy ... Their bad!

Saturday, February 16, 2013 5:46:00 am  

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