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Thursday, February 07, 2013

"The most powerful of the Syrian revolutionary forces, the Nusrah Front, has been formed around a core of what we have previously known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, the insurgent and terrorist organization once led by the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.”

Lieutenant Colonel Joel Rayburn (contributor to the working group on Islamism and the international order of the Hoover Institute)
And we should get involved in Syria for what reason?
To curry favor?
Assad being gone would increase our security how?
We can affect NOTHING which will aid us.
We should not under any circumstances become involved in any way, save to EXTRACT Americans from the end game.
We face the Muslim people’s TRUE DESIRE to have Islamist governments, and the Quran DOMINANT in their everyday lives. Those who wish for religious freedoms, freedom of conscience and real democracy as we all understand ARE THE TINY MINORITY OF, what is over there, EXTREMISTS. Western extremists stuck in greater Arabia  without either the power to get what they want, or the means to get that power. They represent 10-20% of those populations AT THE VERY MOST.
For Al Qaeda in Iraq, then, the Iraqi and Syrian conflicts are one theater of war, where Al Qaeda and its allies seek a common objective of beating back the forces of what its leaders consider an Iranian-led coalition of Shia sectarian parties from Iraq, the Assad regime, and Lebanese Hizballah.
What is the next stage in this conflict? It is not hard to predict if we recall how the Nusrah Front behaved in Iraq in its earlier Al Qaeda in Iraq incarnation. Initially welcomed into Iraq in 2004 and 2005 by more nationalist Sunni insurgent groups who were glad of reinforcements, Al Qaeda quickly moved to take command of the entire Iraqi rebellion itself and transform an insurgency into a sectarian war.
Al Qaeda leaders, well-provisioned by wealthy Gulf financiers, could easily outspend their local Iraqi nationalist rivals, hiring away the labor pool of young Sunni fighters who were the foot soldiers of the Iraqi Sunni insurgent groups. Al Qaeda’s leaders then installed a reign of terror in Sunni territories, murdering Iraqi tribal and community leaders who defied them, imposing Taliban-style Islamic law, and forcing Iraqi tribes to surrender their daughters into marriage with Al Qaeda commanders.
MAYBE.. Libya is an exception, MAYBE. But we are reminded with Tunisia yesterday that speaking out against Islamism is a death sentence.
As for our allies, with the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt and continuously discussing abrogating that most hated treaty with the ‘sons of apes and pigs’ SOMEHOW, and Al Qaeda pushing to chaos or victory in Syria, Hezbollah being nothing more than a cat’s paw of the Mullahs, and the actual govt of Lebanon doing a vanishing act along with that of Jordan, are we realistic about the Israelis moving to a negotiated settlement with a Palestine which would be a ‘peaceful’ neighbor?
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