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The public has recognized that Corporate, Chamber of Commerce Republicans,
and Wall Street Democrats
are the same party, and serve the same constituency,
and it’s NOT THEM.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

The next time you think Obama uplifted chin foto w Mussolini is going too far…

Oh and btw….
These people are not just frightening .. I begin to get the feeling when you look down at your thigh while relaxing in the sun and see there a huge spider making it’s way north.
50/50 either you are going to freak out with fear, or beat the shit out of it so hard it leaves a mark on YOU
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Blogger Pastorius said...

Is your point, with the gun stat, that Obama is busy demonizing Conservatives on the gun issue when we are actually already perfectly willing to have perfectly reasonable gun control measures adopted?

Thursday, February 07, 2013 2:22:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

The importance is:

Thursday, February 07, 2013 4:54:00 pm  

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