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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Tooheyville: We love that you silly people at, and who watch FOX connect guns to … FREEDOM

Wayne LaPierre and his leering short, severe glasses send the message we at Progressive HQ love to see.
Then various others silently skulk about trying not admit the power of feelings about these murders of babies and children by gun lovers an quote ‘infringe’ or other nonsense.
And what has this gotten you?
Instead the academics who study the Constitution appear stating the PROBLEM is the Constitution. Now I think that’s a little premature in terms of our goals, but sometimes a little poke in the crazies’ cages just ramps up the hysteria (or should I say, polarization?). Now every …., ‘person’ who loves guns will think every time one of us mentions ‘background check’ it means we will know what dildo your girlfriends like instead of you, yourself.  Or what on line sites YOU prefer. Or where you buy your, er …. supplies. Or that if there is a shortage of bullets, it means our good friend Napolitano is seeing to them being bought up. Thus the spittle will be drooling from your rictus engraved lips when you say ‘infringement’ or ‘freedom’ whenever you say ‘guns’ and a camera is about.
This gun control bill will fail, and you will think this some victory. Yes, just as Coral Sea was a victory for Japan as they sunk one American MAJOR Aircraft Carrier, and crippled another. We will pull another 1 point or 1/2 point away from you spittle foaming jokers for 2014. We will introduce another doubt about arms and freedom and your mental illness, you see. The gun thing is a mental illness.
It really is, and you will feel much better when we identify this for you and you accept it.
We offer you the freedom of security, and the happiness it brings and you want guns?
Really? This is your message?
Your well meaning, friend, Ellsworth Toohey
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Blogger Charles Martel said...

Even before Obama assumed power, I have been saying that we are looking more and more like a Third World country.

Shortly after Obama came to office, Argentina's president, Cristina Kirshner, said in a speech that Obama was following "her" policies. All morons, including me, laughed at her arrogance and stupidity. Nevertheless, each time that this administration took of their misguided steps towards doom, Kirshner's words flashed a red light in the back of my head.

The last four years have shown what way we are been driven, with the total acceptance of the press, Congress and the general population who seem to be in total denial.

Here is a link to an article which
stresses what I have been saying for the last years.

My ex, an American and a PhD in economics, still lives in Argentina, and is convinced I'm nuts, and that nothing can sink this country. I always remind of of the Titanic, where a 100% of the arrogant people on board were convinced not even God could sink that ship... Well ... know the outcome ...

Here's the link. You will not enjoy the forecast.


Sunday, February 03, 2013 9:22:00 pm  

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