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Monday, June 30, 2014

Islamisation of Europe: When will Russia react?

From PI News Service:

How long will Russia stand idle and watch how Western Europe is transferred into a predominantly Islamic-, nuclear-armed-, EU-totalitarian entity. Since Russia is not governed by dreamy ideologists but political realists, one may assume that the Kremlin is concerned about the consequences of the Islamization and totalitarianism in EU-Western Europe for the external security of Russia. Especially the following issues might concern Russian strategists:
1. The Islamization of EU-Western Europe is a threat to Russia
Despite a growing opposition movement in some Western European countries, like France and England, it can be expected that Western European governments will continue their previous politic of Islamization in an unaltered manner. Also in the future, they will get millions of Muslims into Europe, who will for their part continue the ‘Conquest from within’ and step by step extend their influence on power over politics, administration and the armed forces. Especially in Germany, with its feeble opposition, the government will push the Islamization forward with particular aggressiveness. Although it may take another three to four decades until Muslim minorities have become the majority in important Western European heartlands – in Belgium, Holland, vast parts of France, England, Germany, Austria – the Islamic influence on the political leadership in Western Europe will shortly be strong enough to make Russia and the former Eastern bloc remain the bulwark left against the spread of Sharia in Europe and the traditionally aggressive Islamic ideology of world conquest.
An Islamized Western Europe will inevitably come into a cultural-ideological conflict with Russia as well as the rather nationally oriented states of the former Eastern bloc unlikely to be Islamized over the medium term, especially Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It has to be assumed that primarily the – opposition-less but highly influenced by Islam – country of Germany will incite especially loudly against Christian Russia but also other countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Merkel’s latest tirades against Russia and the undisguised hostility towards Hungary potentially address future agitation and front lines in Europe in advance. Continue reading 
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