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Friday, March 25, 2016

Brussels and the Police State of Denial

From Diana West:
As Brussels convulsed in bloody jihad on the morning of March 22, 2016, Ivar Mol sent out this tweet (above). Translation from the Dutch: "How can you continue teaching when Muslims in your class are cheering?" 
I don't know who Ivar Mol is. His twitter account identifies him as a meditation and yoga teacher. His tweet certainly caught my attention, along with that of many others, including some casting doubt on what is, after all, a rhetorical question. 
The implications of Ivar Mol's question shouldn't be shocking, however; not at this late date. 
From the attacks of 9/11 to Gaza every day, we should be well used to bloodthirsty demonstrations of approval for jihad carnage, as inculcated in followers of Islam by every single authoritative Islamic (not "radical" Islamic) text. 
That is not to say that many among us will not be shocked -- if they ever even hear of such things. 
As Islam drives deep into the West in this latest cycle of Islamic jihad, there is ever-present in the West a yeoman effort by governments to protect us not from the sharia culture that creates, enables and prizes jihad, but rather from the dread contagion of "Islamophobia" -- a made-up "disease." 
The horror of catching it (i.e., reacting with perfectly normal alarm to such cataclysms as mass Islamic immigration) drives our elites to suppress all facts about Islam, jihad, dhimmitude, and the rest, lest people act to secure their Judeo-Christian-humanist-civilizations against Islamization. 
Lest people vote for responsible patriots calling for closing their borders to Islamic immigration, from Donald Trump in the USA, to, for many years, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Less than an hour ago, Ivar Mol sent out a new message (below).

Translation: "Three police officers at my door because of my tweet this morning. Asked if I would be willing not to do it again."

... this Yoga teacher may be one of the few people left that understands the value of freedom of speech and the dissemination of true information in a democracy, but he did a radio interview, in Dutch, for all to hear.
With this tweet it all began: ‘How can you teach if Muslim children applaud?’ Ivar Mol, you tweeted this at what time?
About nine o’clock this morning. I teach at home. It hasn’t got anything to do with this school. I teach a.o. yoga. I was sitting behind my computer, saw the first messages after the attacks. A number of those messages came from teachers in Brussels. They said their pupils were cheering in the schoolyard. The school hadn’t opened yet, but they were cheering on the schoolyard already.
I read the same on several Belgian forums. That people in the quarters [immigrant neighborhoods, ghettos] saw the same thing in their areas: children cheering with joy.
That surprised you?
Yes, it did. Nobody reacted to it. Normally Twitter starts spewing on such a topic. Then another teacher tweeted that he opened his class and the children came in, celebrating. That’s when I wrote that tweet: how can you teach when children, Muslim children, sit cheering with joy in their classes? That is a question.
Which was picked up immediately and retweeted many times. And resulted in three police officers knocking on your door.
Yes, at a quarter past nine. I’d begin my own lessons here. I had two people for a yoga class. I had no idea what was going on on the Internet. About one in the afternoon the doorbell rang. Three uniformed police officers were at my door. They said: ‘We are here on the orders of the mayor of Breda personally. We want to ask you not to tweet this kind of topic. That’s very awkward for us, and we have better things to do.’
It wasn’t quite intimidating, but… well, actually, it was.
Three officers on your door, when did that happen before?
So it was really intimidating?
Yes, it was somewhat intimidating. Those two yoga students were scared as well.

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