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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Brussels: "March Against Fear" Cancelled Because of Fear

Maybe, If We Pretend We're Dead, 
The Muslims Will Leave Us Alone

It's not even ironic, when you know it's going to happen.

Maybe all the Metros and their hairy armpitted bitches can go home and listen to Imagine in the safety of their own home.

From AFP:
The organisers of a “March Against Fear” planned for Sunday to mark the Brussels terror attacks said they had cancelled the event after the authorities asked them to do so because of security fears. 
“We understand this request. The security of our citizens is an absolute priority. We join the authorities in proposing a delay and ask people not to come this Sunday,” the organisers said in a statement on Saturday. 
The authorities earlier asked for the march to be put off, perhaps for several weeks, to allow the police to concentrate their resources on the investigation into the attacks which left 31 dead and 300 wounded. 
“We invite the citizens tomorrow to not have this manifestation,” Interior Minister Jan Jambon said, speaking in English. 
In an earlier statement, the organisers said the march planned for Sunday was meant to show that Brussels and the country at large refused to be intimidated by terrorism and that everyone stood together.
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