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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Officials: ISIS Has Infiltrated At Least 400 Terrorists Into Europe

400? Tis nothing but a flesh wound

From the Associated Press:
PARIS (AP) -- The Islamic State group has trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks, deploying interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck Brussels and Paris with orders to choose the time, place and method for maximum chaos, officials have told The Associated Press. 
The network of agile and semiautonomous cells shows the reach of the extremist group in Europe even as it loses ground in Syria and Iraq. 
The officials, including European and Iraqi intelligence officials and a French lawmaker who follows the jihadi networks, described camps in Syria, Iraq and possibly the former Soviet bloc where attackers are trained to target the West. 
Before being killed in a police raid, the ringleader of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks claimed he had entered Europe in a multinational group of 90 fighters, who scattered "more or less everywhere."
There's also this, from Ace of Spades:
This report says that Belgium had "specific and precise" advanced warning on the coming attacks on both the aiport and metro station, but apparently the warning wasn't shared widely or urgently enough. 
I remember last Friday reading a story in the French papers in which officials said they had some warning of an attack -- but said the threat was "pas de imminent" (not imminent). 
Two and a half days later, the bombs went off. 

Turkish PM: We Captured One of the Brussels Terrorists and Extradited Him to the Netherlands, But Then Belgium Set Him Free

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Anonymous The Last English Prince said...

And then there was the poor soul who called his family from the airport to tell them he was o.k., boarded the metro, and was killed.

When the attack broke I told AOW "This will be a rolling attack." Shelter in place should be the rule. Or certainly hail a cab as opposed to using the metro system.

Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:03:00 am  

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