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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kennedy School of Govt @Harvard-Employment rate of illegal immigrant men far higher than for legal immigrants and natives

I actually did not believe this trope was true FOR A SECOND.
According to Borjas’ paper, the “employment rate of undocumented men is 86.6%, as compared to 73.9% for natives and 77.8% for legal immigrants,” and this gap has been widening since the mid-1990s.
study shows that about 10% of all persons in their early 30s are undocumented. In addition, 23% of illegal immigrants live in California, 7% reside in New York, and 15% live in Texas.
Borjas reached the following conclusions:
Even after the regression exhaustively controls for… skill differences – and adjusts for the possibility that economic conditions varied dramatically over time for each of the narrowly defined skill groups, as well as for the possibility that economic conditions varied dramatically among the different geographic regions where the three groups tend to settle – it is still the case that the employment rate of immigrants, and particularly that of undocumented immigrant men, increased dramatically relative to that of native-born persons.
HERE is the entire paper
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