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Saturday, June 10, 2006

OK, that's where they're coming from

With Zarqawi, leader of the ginstu wielding jihadis, the brave necksmiting god-soldiers against tied hostages, presumably licking sperm from a pig's rectum, getting bombed to hell, and the yearly Kos Convention being confluent, Ryan Sager of the NY Sun,gets to the press room there....
koswants copy.jpg

There was a broad recognition that anything anyone on the Left said that was negative would feed right into the "Republican narrative" that Democrats were hungry for defeat in Iraq. However, there wasn't even the first inkling of an idea as to how to deal with that fact.

"We are constantly bashed on the Right for not supporting the military," one blogger said.

"We can't say 'yes, but'," another said, as in, yes it's good Zarqawi is dead, but ...

Another suggested the question: "Why have we not gotten Osama?"

But wait it gets worse

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Blogger reliapundit said...

the sad scene from saigon took place two years after the last us ground troop left.

the fall of saigon/sv occured only because the Dems in congress pulled the plug on financing the sva.

if given the chance, todays dems will do the same thing to the iraqis and the afgahanis. maybe even the israelis if they feel they can appease the enemy.

chamberlain/mcgovern/kerry - birds of a feather: doves.

Monday, June 12, 2006 6:25:00 am  

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