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Friday, November 10, 2006

Okay it's been a few days...what did the voters say?

Presented for your consideration, without value statements...the customer is always right...what did the voters say ?

1. If you want an elective war, WIN IT, or secondarily, hold miscreants responsible - TO US..it's probably true that media is warping the story, but the story is a piece of sh*t to begin with

2. If you say you are a party of values, you can't be Cunningham, Foley, Ney and Abramoff, with Delay as arrogant blugdeoner in chief for spice, and YES we will tolerate more from the dems because they don't CLAIM superior values ..and please - don't point to Barney Frank etc. that's baloney. If character counts, show some. Otherwise you're just the same AND hypocrites to boot, and we SEE you.

3. Our message on the border may be muddled, but you did NOTHING...NOTHING about either that or immigration.

4. We're pissed off and we'll turn on the dems too, and fast.

5. We don't buy the good economy story, we buy the rich getting richer story

6. If you want to lay claim to the word conservative, put away the checkbook, and get rid of all the employees, and stay the hell out of my life, church, and bedroom..if we want to ban gay marriage, we can damn well present it as a binding referendum ourselves, otherwise it's religion and NOT Reagan or Goldwater, masquerading as conservative and we SEE you, oh and we STILL prefer having women being able to choose rather than the reverse.

Gee, that's attractive.
And nowhere in the mix is the word TERROR
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll basically second that, E, though I might put first the part about the word Terror being left out of the mix. And I'm not so sure #4 will happen before the dirty bombs start going off. What all the hypocrisy, incompetence and obsession with gay marriage and the superior rights of blastocysts (look it up) has done is aid and abet the Left in its efforts to present us with our throats bared to an enemy whose existence they refuse to acknowledge.

Nor, it would seem, does much of anyone else. So said enemy can now proceed with their plans in every expectation of minimal interference.

Friday, November 10, 2006 12:19:00 pm  

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