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Friday, November 03, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: Muslim “Hate Crime” Myths

From The Gathering Storm

Muslims are always playing the victim. But just who’s doing what to whom?

Daniel Pipes has been tracking the Muslim hate crime myths since 2004.

In all, then, there are at least five cases proven or alleged hoax crimes since 9/11; how many more might there be that no one has counted? Michelle Malkin wonders about this too, noting that “when it comes to cracking down on hate crime hoaxes by Arabs and Muslims, the feds—too busy conducting politically correct "outreach" with Muslim leaders who pooh-pooh hate crime fraud—have been appallingly negligent. There is no way of knowing whether fake hate crimes outnumber real anti-Muslim crimes because no law enforcement agency keeps track.”

Here are Pipes recent examples.

  • August 25, 2004. one Mirza Akram of Everett, Washington, plastered vile anti-Arab graffiti on the store he was managing and planning to buy before allegedly setting fire to it. Well, the ever-vigilant Michelle Malkin, in a May 29, 2003 article titled "Myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic" and a May 30, 2003 article titled "More Muslim hate crime myths" provides specifics of four other instances in which American Muslims – Ahmad Saad Nasim, Mazhar Tabesh, Nezar "Mike" Maad, and Aqil Yassom Al-Timimi – won themselves vast sympathy as victims of "hate crimes," only to have it turn out that they were actually the perps.
  • Sep. 30, 2004 update: Add a sixth apparent fraudster, Amjad Abunar, to the five above. "Hate-Crime Accuser Charged With Arson". he owner of a Middle Eastern meat market who had said he was the victim of a hate crime in this border town was arrested and arraigned Tuesday [Sept. 28] on a felony arson charge that he set fire to his own business. The man, Amjad Abunar, had complained that "Go Home" was twice spray-painted on a door of his Al Madinah Market before a fire on Aug. 6 that gutted the small delicatessen. Only last week, the graffiti and fire were cited as evidence by a Washington advocacy group that hate crimes against Muslims were on the rise in Texas. Bond for Mr. Abunar was set at $150,000, and he remained in jail on Wednesday. And which "Washington advocacy group" might that be? Why, CAIR of course.
  • Feb. 6, 2005 update: Belatedly, here is the scoop on a seventh "hate crime" hoax, this one perpetrated by Saleh Nawash, 54. A naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from Lebanon, Nawash is a leader at the Islamic Mosque of Cleveland. He owned a meat store called Halal Products (halal is the Islamic equivalent of kosher) and in July 2002 he pleaded guilty to conspiracy, attempted aggravated arson, and attempted insurance fraud. When Halal Products failed, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer (not online), Nawash coveted the $100,000 insurance policy on the business and hired an arsonist to do the dirty deed. The prosecutor provided details on how he left kerosene in the building and how, to win sympathy, he plotted to make the fire look like a hate crime. Nawash received a jail sentence of nine years; his side-kick Ahmed Jaffal, 49, got eight years.
  • Nov. 13, 2005 update: Here is hoax number eight: Shehab Ahmed and his father Shahriar fulminated on March 23, 2005, David Reinhard recounts in the Oregonian, because the former had been kicked off an airplane. "The son of a prominent Muslim is told he can't fly home to Portland and tonight, his family is looking for answers," anchor Russ Lewis announced. Shehab, we were told, was coming home from UCLA for spring break when he found out he was on the FBI terror watch list. He was eventually allowed on a flight, but, said Shehab, "To know that the government puts me on the list as bin Laden and whatnot . . . that's scary." Here's what actually happened at LAX: Shehab Ahmed did miss one plane home to Portland, but only because he got to the airport late. When he tried to get on another flight, there was a problem—a momentary one. Shehab's name matched a name on the terror watch list. The ticket agent asked for ID, and Shehab was allowed on the flight to Portland. And here's what did not happen: Ahmed wasn't on the watch list or put on it. He was not told he couldn't fly home; he was allowed on the flight he wanted to be on after providing ID. He wasn't yanked out line or taken to a special room for questioning by government agents. In fact, government agents—TSA personnel—were not involved in any of this. What happened to Shehab that March day isn't found in any TSA or FBI report; there was no incident to report.
  • Aug. 31, 2006 update: Patrick Poole tells the tale of Musa Shteiwi and his son Essa, our ninth hoaxers. a Jordanian-born restaurant owner in Xenia, Ohio had been the apparent victim of repeated attempts to burn down his store. The day after the third attack, when a Molotov cocktail had been thrown through the front window of his business, yet another explosion rocked the store – the second attack in 24 hours – sending the owner and his son to the hospital with burns over 80-90 percent of their bodies. An employee in an adjoining store was also taken to the hospital for injuries. Arson investigators have determined that the final blast that severely injured the store owner, Musa Shteiwi, and his son, Essa, was set by the pair themselves. In a performance worthy of a Darwin Award, the Shteiwis were standing in a pool of gasoline that they intended to use as an accelerant in setting their store ablaze later that night when Musa Shteiwi took a break and lit up a cigarette, igniting the gasoline prematurely and causing the blast that inflicted their injuries.

Now, who’s doing what to whom?

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Blogger Winston Smith said...

Maybe we need some REAL hate crimes against the Muslims...We wouldn't want them getting too comfortable in the USA, now would we?

If you have a Muslim employee: Fire him!

If you have a Muslim living in your apartment building: Kick his butt out along with his Koran.

If you are attending college with Muslims: Be sure to report them to Homeland Security for radical activities and harass them daily in class.

Have a Muslim for a patient? Tell him to pray to Allah for healing, as he is no longer your patient.

Islamophobic and proud of it!

Winston Smith of the Ministry of Truth

Friday, November 03, 2006 2:44:00 pm  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

Winston, I take exception to your remarks against Muslim-Americans!

After all, it is not a "hate crime" to visit justice upon those who would murder you because you are an "infidel" to them and unworthy of existence.

The military calls this a "pre-emptive strike" and the law calls it "self defense."

Friday, November 03, 2006 3:12:00 pm  

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