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Friday, November 10, 2006

There is no such thing as an experienced suicide bomber

Maybe we could all make a collection to start a training camp? We could call it "Path to Eden". Put in some commercials in the newspapers, a few new cartoons of Mo to get the tempers going. It could become an industry. Maybe we could offer courses by correspondance and the Internet. We would have to mail the training kit - the biggest problem is transport - explosives are considered risky.

Slogans for the publicity:

Get the most bang for the buck
Hands on experience guaranteed
72 virgins waiting just for you
Now with bonus virgins

Maybe we could also apply for government funding?

Legislation for Islamist required attendance is coming up.

Investor's notice:

  • Explosives are cheap
  • Return tickets are not necessary
  • Any cheap land for camps will suffice as remote locations are ideal and nearby or actual polution is no problem
  • Great opportunity for franchising
  • Saudis have lots of money and will sponsor candidates
  • One word: Pay-tv
  • Consider also interactive TV - perhaps assisted suicide for the more mellow Islamists - after all the bang is what counts
  • Most candidates will qualify - just pushing a button is all it takes
  • Investments are tax deductible - we are talking education and adherence to the religion of peace
  • Donations and scholarships are abundant
(An earlier version of the above was done by me a while ago on another blog - but due to the increasing Islamist insanity I will once more put forward this sensible suggestion - one could even call it a solution.)
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