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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crtierion for election ... Who is more out of touch?

Today's ad battle brings on the comparison.

On the one hand we have a Harvard educated, way out leftist. A 20 year attendee at a church which preached america was evil, the jewish state gangsters, and we got what was coming, who married a woman who was not proud of her nation until her husband appeared to be winning the democratic nomination, whose statements unguarded were that we are downright mean, and hold onto our ignorances, while almost simultaneously her hubby was saying of those who voted against him that they are bitter and hold onto guns, and religion, and complains that complaints against him are distractions from the issues.
The issues are that Washington has to change and we have to abandon a war we should never have got involved in, but have now nearly won (until this week, when he was worried about all those votes hanging onto guns and religion)

mas macho_snl.jpgOn the other hand we have a genuine war hero, in family of admirals, back to the southwest pacific in WW2, AND EARLIER, a low scoring wild guy academically, a naval pilot, a philanderer according to many, who is now married to a millionaire beer heiress, who has made a habit of alternately being in favor of both extremely conservative (pro-life) and extremely liberal (McCain Feingold) issues, thus pissing off everyone.

Nothing there sounds like a self educated by candlelight rail splitter, or failed men's clothing salesman let alone something I consider close to me.

SNL, you have your first skit, all made.

Forget 'Quien es mas macho' ....

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