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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Al Sharpton Says Republicans Are To Blame For High Black and Hispanic Unemployment

Surprise: What he says makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

First he says we have gained jobs in the public sector. That's false. During Obama's term, the private sector has lost tens of millions of jobs.

Second, he says the public sector has lost jobs. That's false: During Obama's term, the "business" of Federal government has thrived.

Third, he says Republicans are cutting the agencies where black and Latinos work. False: The truth is, the budget cuts in Public Sector are at the State and local level, where Obama's policies have decimated the tax base, and left no room for government to do anything, but cut.

Here, read this.

“One of the reason that I think people do not understand why unemployment has gone down and in some cases black unemployment and Latino’s has remained stagnant is over the last thirty two months Dr. Hutchinson, they’ve increased jobs and found jobs unemployment has gone down in the private sector. What has not gone down is in the public sector and blacks in particular are disproportionately in the public sector.

One of the reasons those jobs have gone down, or have remained down is one the Republicans are cutting a lot of the agencies, where we are the employees are government jobs, government employed and a lot of those jobs go through governors and mayors who are also have had cutbacks. So what we’ve got to do and we addressed that to the President is take on these governors and mayors as well as the private sector on why the private sector is getting all these contract and bailouts and not hiring and correcting the disproportionate amount of their employment does not touch our community and have the President and them support us in that.”
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