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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The real world we live in

I have been reading a lot of punditry advising Israel once again about their criminal behavior since the world has again been reminded of all this via the 800 HAMAS rockets fired into 1948 Israel (more than a few from inside Egypt).
I read about the ‘settlements being illegal’ and proof of ‘greed’ (when of course they are proof of the Palestinians permanent wedlock to resistance as opposed to nationhood) although Israel has proven several times they would gladly trade land for peace and rip up settlements of their own to do so. Sinai 1956, 1973, Gaza 2005. Not very noticed , is that?
Certainly we can say that the abandonment of Gaza and its settlements in 2005 was a monumental error for the security of the Israeli people. And we may yet all live to see the trading of the entire Sinai (and the abandonment of those settlements) in 1973 turn out to be an even larger failure.
Then there is the cease-fire’s elevation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government to the role of responsible adult. Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptian President Muhamad Morsi openly supports Hamas. Morsi sent his Prime Minister Hesham Kandil to Gaza to personally express the Egyptian government’s support for Hamas’s criminal assault against Israeli civilians.

Over the weekend, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood held what the media claimed was a stormy meeting. Its members were split over what to do about Israel. Half wanted to go to war with Israel immediately. The other half called for waiting until the Egyptian military is prepared for war. In the end, the voices calling for patient preparation for war won the day.

And for their patience, the Muslim Brothers received the plaudits of the US government. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her boss President Barack Obama were effusive in their praise of the Egyptian government, and joined Egypt in placing Israel on the same moral plane as a terrorist group.
So here is my advice for this ‘criminal regime’ which by fact of history has abandoned land won by wars of survival on their side, and the settlements on that land multiple times.
You will have to do this again.
You will have to remove Iran as a strategic threat. This may not have to be in the worst way.
Yet I also read today of an Iranian ship loading up right now with advanced moderate range, easily handled and launched missiles like the FAJR-5. One has to wonder cynically who has a sudden need for such things, and where the ship is headed? Sudan, where a jihad friendly govt will help transit to Muslim Brotherhood Egypt and the Rafah tunnels?
I would be spending a lot of time developing and deploying, and be SEEN to be developing and deploying, neutron and EMP weapons for strategic and tactical use, and tactical battlefield nukes for use downwind.
I would remind the Muslim Brotherhood about the time of flight of nuclear armed Jericho missiles from their mobile launchers, or the cruise missiles from the Dolphin subs to ASWAN. And I would also keep the freaks from Qom well informed about how easily Israeli subs have slipped in and out of the Persian Gulf, and how easy it is to destroy their infrastructure by missile to allow in the IAF for the permanent destruction of Iran.
Sounds disgusting, no?
That is the REAL WORLD.
The Arabs could have had a nation in Palestine in 1937, but the price would have been an Israel which reached from the Golan to Tel Aviv, less than 1/3 the size of the current Jewish State. Even that was too large, apparently.
The world understands what the Arabs and Persians REALLY want. The world wants this to go away. They want to ignore what the Arabs and Persians really want. The world wants this clothed in camouflaged verbiage about illegal settlements, and self determination so it can shave in the morning. As we can see, it doesn’t take much camouflage when it is added to 2,500 years of Jew hatred, suspicion, repression and pogroms, not to mention attempted and real genocides.
And the main backer of Israel now turns out to be a majority nation which has selected to at the very least, to decline in its world involvement by paying more and more interest on a system which ensures more and more govt largess thus limiting more every day, what is possible outside it’s own borders.
I understand. It is quite human. I don’t even fault the world, or expect real justice. ‘So it has ever been, so it shall ever be’
Si vi Pacem, Israel….., Si vi Pacem
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