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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Barack Obama's "America" Is For Special Interest Groups Only, White Men Need Not Apply

The President of "America" does not care about citizens in general, and he specifically does not particularly care for white people. 

He is a racist. He is now actively ostracizing an entire group of people (and a very large group of people at that) from the country he was elected to represent. 

Words fail me at this point. I will have more to say later.

Fresh off his reelection, President Barack Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey that asks the people being polled to check off which “constituency groups” they identify with – there are 22 groups listed but not one for “whites” or “men.” 
The post-election survey, distributed through www.barackobama.com to “take this organization forward,” includes the question, “Which constituency groups do you identify yourself with? Select all that apply.” It then lists 22 groups. 
But whites and men are not on the list – women are, as are African Americans, Arab-Americans, Latinos and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). 
Other “constituency groups” include “Educators,” “Environmentalists,” “Labor,” “Students,” “People with disabilities,” and “Youth.”

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Blogger Nicoenarg said...


F*** Obama!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 1:04:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honkies need not apply! Now that we're a minority, can I please have some government freebies? Let's see....

1. Food stamps. This middle aged, college educated honkie is having a hard time at the grocery store. How about some food stamps? I've seen people selling food stamps and the use of their "Lone Star" card (I'm in Texas) for 50 cents on the dollar so they could use the cash to buy dope, booze, whatever. I'll make you a deal. Take HALF of the food stamp funds sold for half price and give them to me in the form of a tax break, cash payout, or even food stamps and I'll put every penny of that money into the local economy.

2. Free College. I got a real college degree back when that meant something. You had to study. You had to take blue book exams that were a bitch. You had to show up in class and if you acted like a douche bag, the professor threw your ass out. I'd love to go back and dress like a slob, smart off to whitey when he's dumb enough to open his mouth in class, and suck the figurative cock of my pissed off lesbian political activist professor.

3. Preferential Hiring. I remember the mid 1990's when prestigious companies were hiring like crazy. They said they wanted their businesses "to look more like the rest of America". They must have been referring to the freak show I see on the rare occasions I go into Target or Wal Mart. United hired a bunch of minority executives and managers who bankrupted a great company (I used to live in Denver). After they did it, a bunch of us determined that the word "United" in United Airlines was actually an anachronym that translated to "Unqualified Nigger In Training, Expect Disaster".

The bottom line is, I just want to be like all the other disaffected minorities in the country and get some free shit.

Thursday, November 22, 2012 10:13:00 am  

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