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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why The Protests Against President Morsi and The Torching Of The Muslim Brotherhood Offices Will Not Make a Dent in The Islamization of Egypt

Today, in response to President Morsi's recent Dictatorial power grab, protestors torched the Muslim Brotherhood offices near Tahrir Square:
Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Torched in Egypt Here’s a picture of the protesters in Tahrir Square from tonight.
Twitchy reported.
Several injured during attacks on Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Mahala and Alexandria, as protests against president’s decree continue.
AJA: Fire erupts in Freedom & Justice Party HQ in Mahallah after attack by armed mobs, extends to several stores & apartments.
One is tempted to believe Democracy may finally break out after this bold, and truly revolutionary move against the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism.

But let's review the reality the evidence with regard to the reality of the Egyptian population, to see if we can discover whether there exists any true will towards Democracy and Human Rights:
Pew Poll Reveals Majority of Muslims Are Anything But "Moderate" 
Poll of Egyptians Shows 84% Want Apostates Stoned to Death 
78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion
Ok, well, I guess not.

And yet, some of the people of Egypt did, indeed, torch those offices. So, how did we get here?

Well, on November 21st, President Obama of the United States of "America" called President Morsi of Egypt, and they spoke on the phone, some say for about 20 minutes. The outline of the content of that conversation are listed on the White House website:
President Obama spoke to President Morsi today. The President thanked President Morsi for his efforts to achieve a sustainable ceasefire and for his personal leadership in negotiating a ceasefire proposal.  President Morsi expressed appreciation for President Obama’s efforts in this regard.  
President Obama and President Morsi agreed on the importance of working toward a more durable solution to the situation in Gaza. 
President Obama reaffirmed the close partnership between the United States and Egypt, and welcomed President Morsi's commitment to regional security.  
Then, the very next day, on November 22nd, President Morsi declared himself the virtual Dictator of Egypt:
Morsi gave the Constituent Assembly a two month deadline to finish drafting a new constitution, ruling that no authority may dissolve it until the country's defining document is completed. 
He further ruled that no authority may dissolve the Shura Council, the upper house of Egypt's parliament. 
In a move likely to bring criticism that the Egyptian president is inappropriately expanding his powers, he also decreed that no laws or declarations passed by the president from the time of his inauguration until a new parliament is elected can be overturned by any authority, including the judiciary. 
He further dismissed the country's prosecutor general Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud, appointing Talaat Ibrahim to replace him for a four-year term.
Hmm. It's almost as if Morsi believed that "a durable solution" on "regional security" could be achieved by the very act of establishing the Muslim Brotherhood as the sole authority in Egyptian government, leading to the eventual enforcement of Sharia as the law of the land.

Whether one believes that Obama is specifically interested in seeing Sharia become the law of the land in Egypt or not, one must concede that it is unlikely that President Morsi would make such a unprecedented power grab, if he did not feel he had the strong backing of his partners to see him through the storm that would surely come.

After all, the people of Egypt were afire just a few months back. Why would they not, once again, take to the streets if they did not believe things were going their way?

The Muslim Brotherhood is nothing if it is not a patient and exacting organization, dedicated to the longterm infiltration, and eventual enforcement, of Sharia law across the face of the Earth.

I think one would have to be a fool to believe Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood would take the action they have taken without seriously gaming the possible consequences.

This means they are, at the very least, willing to wait out the protests.

More likely, I believe they believe they already have the will of the people behind them (see the above links) to see through, to the end, the establishment of a full-fledged Islamic government. 

And, I believe they are willing to do whatever it takes to see that that happens in the next two months. Remember, Morsi gave the Shura Council a two-month deadline.

The next two months are going to be historic, and will likely include violence in the street by Islamic Militias "loosely tied" to the Muslim Brotherhood. These Militias will act as Morality Police, beginning the enforcement of Sharia through intimidation, and outright beat-downs, of protestors.

In three months from now, the Arab Spring will be fully revealed for what it is, and has always been, since it's Muslim Brotherhood/Obama-inspired inception; The Sharia Sewer.

Egypt will look more like Iran than it will resemble anything heretofore known as a Democracy. And Obama will still be proclaiming his victorious policy in helping further the "Arab Spring".

At some point, as we watch these developments unfold, we, as individuals, are going to have to make a decision: Does the existing evidence support the idea that Barack Hussein Obama wants to see Democracy and Freedom established in the Middle East? Or, does the evidence support the idea that Barack Obama wants to see Sharia established as the sole source of government in the Middle East?

What do you think?

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