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Friday, November 09, 2012

The Simplistic Republicans Still Do NOT Understand the Use of Power

Here, in TooheyVille it is easy to notice the coming sparring over the fiscal cliff for what it really is. Kabuki.
Mr. McConnell and Mr. Boehner have been only too happy to outline that they will accept more revenue but not through raised taxes.
As if there will be a proposal for a flat tax like solution from us. Amusing. Loopholes are power. 
Mr. Obama has won the election, so let me outline one way this plays out for these silly Republicans who have no idea how we think.
The X we solve in our calculation is political power. Political Power is the result of public perception, NOT NECESSARILY, actual policy results. We did win this week, didn’t we? We are confident in our messaging, and we are confident you have no idea what you are saying, or it’s ultimate perception
The President, OUR president, will eventually, if things look good in our internal polling, and as he did before, end the negotiations with a sudden demand your silly values cannot come to peace with. We can paint this as your fault. We can ensure this is perceived as a small detail we seek, in the mind of the masses. Others will ensure this message is sent, AND RECEIVED. They are not our representatives, but they might as well be.  I will not name them. It is not necessary.
You will be blamed for the failure and the nation will topple over that cliff because you are the party of ‘NO’.
What will happen? 
Spending will be cut as you have ALWAYS demanded. The military will not be able to engage in actions which make us look bad, as we prefer, and as your ‘Paul’ wing has been demanding. Taxes will jump as we have demanded and affect those selfish people who cannot as our VP has outlined, understand the patriotic view of paying them.
There WILL be another recession worse than the first, but we and YOU will not allow people to starve or lose their homes. You will cooperate with our aid and rescue efforts. You will help us establish a new class of those who ‘appreciate’ what the president and his ideas have done for them while they are in extremis. We will then create a new structure for financial emergencies, since this will have happened twice in our tenure as a result that Bush person. It IS his fault. 53% of the voters on Tuesday told us this was the ‘reality’ didn't they?
You will RUN to help us because you will already be on the receiving end of a double barrel of contempt and ill regard by the masses for being so stubborn the nation went over that cliff and into recession. Mr. McConnell may even have protesters at his house asking for food. What a nice 30 second news shot!
And, of course, the national debt will decrease somewhat because spending will be down dramatically, even if aid is up, and taxes will be relatively flat. If the debt increases, well, that's your fault as well. We will have to tax that aid, but people will be happy to pay that. Aid payments ARE a stimulus. Tax revenue may even increase as we make our way out during the 8 year tenure of the next democratic president. We will invest in certain industries to help out. I am sure you understand what I am saying. We remember who helps us. Those who do not, might be noticed. Something to think about, anyway.
Of course, this is just one of the paths we see.
Have you ever asked yourselves at AEI why you keep missing what is actually happening?
You want to ‘reach out’ to Hispanics, as if this is the issue.
Today I read how shell-shocked Romney was on Tuesday night. What could be more emblematic of the people perceiving us as we wish?
This is almost men against boys. You seek to match logic against perception.
Carry on, by all means.
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