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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2 more noteworthy panels from the Green Lantern embarrassment

I found at least 2 more pictures from the Green Lantern zero special introducing the latest superfluous cast member for the GL series, the Muslim named Simon Baz that could use a good look. For example:
So a guard at the Gitmo-style prison where Baz is being kept calls him a "Muhammed". I get this feeling that Geoff Johns wrote that part as an attack on Frank Miller, all for daring to write Holy Terror almost 2 years ago. Well if he did, that's one more grave insult to the intellect he's committed.

And then:
Here's one more panel demonstrating that puzzling tattoo he's got, despite its going against the Islamic belief that tattoos are haram. The answer to the federal agent's question is: he's got it all so it can light up when the GL power ring is activated. But the funny irony is that in the end, Johns is not bound to impress every devout Muslim as a result of his weird choice for accessories.
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