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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tooheyville - Wayne Lapierre, your check from Mr. Axelrod is in the mail

One of the most amusing public relations messages from the ‘oh so lucky’ Progressive Movement’s enemies, is the message from the NRA attacking the young children of the President of the USA as components of some kind of hypocrisy because they are protected by the Secret Service.
We have the supreme gun nut attacking children.
The children of the president who wishes to restrain crazy gun nuts from using weapons the Marines use against Al Qaeda, from using them on … why …children.
I wonder if the likes of Paul Ryan, Mr. McCarthy from CA, and Eric Cantor have considered why the people who move to positions in the lead are ‘folks’ like, Akin ,Mourdock, and now LaPierre.
It’s just so easy.
Most amusing.
But hardly a debate, dear fools. ..Your Pal and heartfelt adviser, E. Toohey
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