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Monday, January 28, 2013

The War in the Republican Party, and Winning?

So I read a lot over the past week about Obama (i,e, the PROGRESSIVE..as opposed to liberal or democratic movement) nuking the GOP.
I think of the progressives as Bolsheviks. Not so much in terms of their social policy (altho that may be an open question) but in terms of Jim Malone’s Chicago Dictum ‘and THEN what are you prepared to do’. Clearly the Progressives are prepared to eliminate the 2 party idea so that their political ideas control the people.
I wonder if any of them ask themselves if this is american?
Never mind.
They clearly see this as a moment to split and destroy the GOP.
I have argued here many times that what made this nation what it was in 1941 is the immigration policies in effect from 1840-1924. It’s like this. If the Republican Party does not adopt this kind of policy, THEY WILL NEVER GET the vote of those American who happen to have Latino Heritage. Or Chinese Heritage. Or Caribbean Heritage. Or Vietnamese Heritage. Or Japanese Heritage. That’s how it is. So sorry, but why is this not completely clear yet?
Arguments to the contrary about lazy people coming here to collect SNAP, Welfare. Medicaid and drive Lincolns to the contrary … When the Declaration and Constitution were written NOBODY was worried about immigration, legal or not. This is NOT a social policy issue, this is an issue about WHAT AMERICA IS.
That’s how it is.
All the republicans have to do is put their chins on their hands and stand up and say, THIS IS WHAT MADISON, MONROE, LINCOLN, JACKSON, JEFFERSON, FRANKLIN, MASON, WASHINGTON AND ADAMS WERE THINKING.
End around cynical disbelief.
But that’s just one issue.
Abortion. Another social issue. This is NOT an issue of being TRULY conservative and to PROVE this all we have to do is look at the relationship between Barry Goldwater and Jerry Falwell over issues just like this.
Abortion to some people is murder. To others it is not. Certainly REPUBLICANS can AGREE that past the earliest age of a fetus where we have rescued that fetus into life killing that being IS TO BE ILLEGAL, but that if such a case does not pass congress, any president will ACCEPT THE LAW. Period. States can do whatever they wish as more local standards are always going to be more reflective than some blunt, huge national hand sledge of a hammer.
Faith MUST be replaced by the best of our science and known fact.
IN THIS CASE. The above restriction will be difficult enough to achieve, but at least the case for it can be made on scientific, factual grounds, and then that itself will make the moral and ethical case.
But this should be a MINIMAL ISSUE. We already have a law and frankly the nation would be best served by ensuring every person not willing to have a child HAS AND USES BIRTH CONTROL.
Voting. PICTURE ID. Freely available. TOWN BY TOWN. You have to present the data for your own ID in person.
Terrorism: The USA is NOT WILLING to set a coefficient of Americans to die because we want to avoid taking action around the world. We also set the value of 9/11 the same way we did 12/7/41. Therefore the drone attacks will continue, and if our embassies are attacked, if Americans are killed, harmed, kidnapped, there is going to be real physical trouble. REAL TROUBLE. DISPROPORTIONATE TROUBLE. Those who wish to kill Americans as a part of some religious or political campaign are not Americans in the USA and get nothing more than the Wehrmacht in 1944. Nothing. At best.
Foreign Policy: We have allies. We work together. Others are not allies and can wait in line for judgments about aid. Probably the answer is no. 
Gay Marriage: No one’s biz. States decide. Perhaps the state only grants civil union licenses and YOUR church, synagogue, temple, etc, confers the religious title of marriage. Up to you locally, not the govt. 
Taxes, Debt, Deficit: The ONLY WAY OUT is a rapidly growing economy, with rising median incomes, some of which pay the govt - not a govt which needs more and more funds to pay more and more programs needed to help more and more people because the more they take and borrow, the less is around to invest, build, and research. If we continue as is, NO ONE WILL HAVE ANYTHING when they hit 65, and ‘doctors’ will be graduates of 2 yr community colleges in order to keep costs down and see enough patients.
There will be NOTHING. Except civil unrest. Republicans should be taking EVERY appearance before the camera to hammer this single message home.
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Arguments to the contrary about lazy people coming here to collect SNAP, Welfare. Medicaid and drive Lincolns to the contrary … When the Declaration and Constitution were written NOBODY was worried about immigration, legal or not.

Back in the day, the welfare benefits for immigrants were zero. Yes, churches and other philanthropic groups often reached out to help immigrants. But not at the taxpayers' burden.

Now, here is what I want to know....Is all the talk I hear about how immigrants get a leg up via taxpayers' funds fiction or truth?

Back in 1992, my cousin with osteogenesis imperfecta actually had said to him when he applied for county benefits for the disabled, "If you were an immigrant, the story would be different."

When I filed a civil suit against the under-deportation-order cab driver who rear-ended me at a stop sign, I was told by the officer of the court (2009): "The sympathies of the court lie with the immigrant. If the situation were reversed, he'd take you to the cleaners." The cab driver had insurance, BTW, but I had no luck in collecting that money.

Monday, January 28, 2013 3:18:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

The above comment is not meant to imply that the GOP needs to address the issues in the blog post.

Monday, January 28, 2013 3:19:00 pm  

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