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Monday, March 21, 2016

Anti-Trump Protestors Taunt Jews At AIPAC With Nazi Imagery

From Gateway Pundit:
The AIPAC Policy Conference is the pro-Israel community’s preeminent annual gathering. 
The event attracts more than 16,000 community and student activists from all 50 states. Donald Trump is speaking at the conference on Monday night. 
Already, hundreds of angry anti-Trump protesters have gathered outside the convention center. 
Andrew Marcus, producer of Hating Breitbart, and Jeremy Segal, of Rebel Pundit are covering the protests. 
The anti-Trump protesters are taunting the Jewish audience with Nazi imagery.

For those of you who are not that into the Bible, that "30 pieces of silver" is a reference to Judas selling out Jesus for a bribe from the Romans.

Taking this sign to a Jewish event is a kind of Blood Libel against Jews; a way of saying, not only did you kill Jesus, but now you're going to kill our nation by having Donald Trump speak at your event.

Could they get any more disgusting than this?

UPDATE - I want to clarify what I mean by this is a form of Blood Libel. I recognize that is an extreme statement, for several reasons:

1) It may seem extreme to accuse those who are attacking Trump as a Fascist of being Jew-hating Blood Libelists/ But then we have seen this before, haven't we?

For instance, this image appeared at an anti-Iraq War Rally in San Francisco:

2) It may seem extreme to say that a reference to Judas taking 30 pieces of silver in return for betraying Jesus somehow reflects on all Jews. I certainly do not think the Bible story reflects on all Jews. However, I do think the stereotype of Jews as being "greedy" is often associated with the Judas story in the minds of Jew-haters. From Abe Foxman:
... in my third book about anti-Semitism, “Jews & Money: The Story of A Stereotype,” I wrote about how the stereotypes about “greedy” or “money-grubbing Jews” had resurfaced through history, from “30 pieces of silver” in biblical times to the Bernie Madoff affair. Since the book was published, the old canard has resurfaced enough times to add another chapter.
So, it is my contention that this is one of those times. And I believe my contention is supported by the fact that these protestors at the AIPAC meeting believe that Jews support of Trump could be bought with money rather than by his support of causes they believe are moral and just.

I find this to be a highly disturbing incidence of anti-Semitism, not simply because it was publicly displayed but because I truly believe that, if I were to post that sign on Facebook, none of my Left-leaning friends would even have a problem with it. They would not recognize how vile it is.

We are living in terrible times.

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