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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

In which I become the Devil’s Advocate, maybe Bernie

I choose Bernie because he was born poor in Bklyn, and moved left and then to small town Vt.

I was born in the Bronx, poor, and moved left (Vietnam), THEN RIGHT by 1980 (Regan, Ayn Rand), and moved to tinytown Maine.

We’re both Jewish.

It’s Labor Day and Ted Cruz in the convention was finally allowed to win in order to preserve the existence of the Republican party for another day, beating Trump on the 5th ballot.

And, I, Bernie, whipped that disingenuous seer of yesteryear, and we now have a fully blown political revolt which has now turned into a revolution in 2016.

What argument do I, Bernie, make to sway the nation now that Cruz is the nominee?
What is the central point?

Income inequality? Dislike for Wall Street? Do I insinuate Cruz’s wife at Goldman Sachs into that?


Here is what get’s mentioned at every speech, at some point.

‘Ted Cruz has welcomed into his heart and campaign those who feel the Jews should be hunted, and gay people should be jailed?
And it’s not as if he does not know who these people are, and what they stand for.
The entire Republican party has just selected this man, and accepted these ideas. Their members, senators, and congressmen are all tainted by such reprehensible thoughts and feelings if they remain silent. I call on them to reject this publicly, to reject these ideas. To reject their nominee for accepting such ideas.
How can anyone in the USA elect a man who wants a nation that looks down upon the Jews, and those BORN gay as matter of personal faith?
How can we even begin to tackle income inequality, the RIGHT of every American to health, the vestiges of racism, college education without crippling debt, and all our other problems if we cannot eliminate from the office of president, a man who accepts that Jews should be hunted because they will not accept Jesus as Messiah, and that gay people should be jailed because of the way they were born?
I have many republican friends and I expect they will suddenly disappear or actively oppose such a man.
I also have full faith that the American people will reject this and AND THE PARTY which selected these attacks on Jews and gays.
I know that Barry Goldwater unambiguously rejected these items entering into our political debate, so this is not an issue of conservatism either.
Other governments in the past have attacked Jews and gays. We need not name them. American cannot be such a nation.’
Much as I like Cruz on the Constitution, and what he has said and done about the GOPe, Ted Cruz is absolutely unacceptable as a nominee unless he not only decouples from  these people and their endorsement, but also specifically rejects such ideas. It’s reached that point.
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