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Monday, March 14, 2016

I’ve always liked Bill Kristol so this pains me

“it is an inevitability”

Hillary Clinton in 2005 describing the movement of jobs OUT OF THE USA
““There is no way to legislate against reality, so I think that the outsourcing will continue.”
Bernie and Trump supporters … are you paying attention?
This is the message of free marketers (who benefit as the political class) who make this case but have no path for employment in the USA except a TAA bill to retrain you for jobs you don’t want, are not suited for, and provide aid for the first year of your long future of unemployment leading to part time dead end and meaningless service jobs without challenge, until America is SO POOR you will accept the wages they pay in rural Malaysia.
That will be free market recovery.
I believed in Free Markets but the results are UNDENIABLE, and anyone who supported the TPP is AGAINST YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
Hillary Clinton, and Bill Kristol

Members of a DISCONNECTED political class, with only a disdainful reflection for the poor understanding of those below them?

I think, yes.

The results of INDUSTRIES now MISSING far outstripping job losses due to automation must be answered, since GOVT POLICY created this situation.

We had to have a TAA to pay off unions and workers ‘displaced’ for short time or no democrats would have ever voted for the TPP, the next step to increasing the margins of large corporations.

We don’t need to legislate a halt to outsourcing, we need to ENFORCE free trade only with those nations whose workers have a fair standard of living.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We don’t need to legislate a halt to outsourcing, we need to ENFORCE free trade only with those nations whose workers have a fair standard of living." With all due respect, I honestly believe this is a naive statement.

Where are corporations supposed to outsource their jobs? Australia. France, Germany, the Netherlands?The purpose of outsourcing is to increase profits by precisely lowering labor costs. Outsourcing to countries
"... whose workers have a fair standard of living." would entirely defeat that purpose. China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, etc. have low standards of living, and lack the kind of legislation that protects workers.

I have a nephew in a developing country (with good working standards) who owns a chain of sporting goods stores. He outsources manufacturing to China. He visited the factories, and is fully aware that the workers are not paid in money, but in some kind of chips they can trade for goods at the "company store." They live in communal dorms, and are very far from having fair standards of living. The factories are not owned by the foreign companies outsourcing their work from their own countries. The Chinese factories produce goods for more than one foreign company. The result is that some people are making a lot of money thanks to our outsourcing practices, while American workers and their Chinese counterparts are being equally screwed. Period.

Outsourcing to countries "... whose workers have a fair standard of living." is nothing but a chimera. Forgive my cynicism.

Charles Martel

Monday, March 14, 2016 8:16:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is a classic example of the Obama enabling punditry class. All snark, no substance. A smirk, a smug attitude of intellectual superiority and not a clue in his power besotted skull. There's a whole stable of these buttheads over at National Review, a magazine I subscribed to for 3 decades. But that ended 5 years ago.

Monday, March 14, 2016 9:29:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...


Outsourcing jobs OVERSEAS to INCREASE gross profit makes sense ONLY if the prices drop enough to KEEP disposable income growing HERE, AND has a short employment turnaround to MEANINGFUL careers here.

Otherwise outsourcing is national suicide, and free trade is a means to euchre US voters into extinguishing themselves.

NEITHER CONDITION OCCURRED- the margin gain did NOT go to lower prices in proportion to wages in Malaysia, and employment here dropped 2-3 times the amount automation would have predicted. So where's that margin. Board of directors? Upper management? Repurchase of shares? One thing cannot be argued the margin gain is PERFECTLY correlated with the gowth of income inequality.

A key measure is , what was the ration of a CEO's pay in WW2 to line workers, compared to now?

It is the disposable income of the middle class which is most important economic number.

That's been dissolving

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 12:10:00 am  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

Here's another criterion besides the ratio of CEO pay to line worker pay...

Richard Fuld the CEO of Lehman Bros, whose legal FRAUD and mismanagement led to Sept 15-18 2008 when they went BANKRUPT, made $466 MILLION dollars.

These are guys that finance the moves overseas.

Now my beef with them is only over GREED. I don't blame them for the move, they need to do what's key to compete, I blame them for concocting or taking advantage of a scheme in which the biz benefited, certainly, but then not doling out the price drops moral capitalism compels. That went the same place all the fees and bonuses went for credit default swaps, and CDO's.

BTW, how LEGITIMATE AND MORAL would it be for the CIA to instigate and bankroll UNIONS in these workskhop nations?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 12:20:00 am  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

By Bill Kristol in the Sunday WaPo:

How should Republicans respond to having Donald Trump as our front-runner?

With the determination to defeat him.

The Republican Party has been mostly right on most of the big issues of my lifetime — on communism and Islamist terrorism, markets and the Constitution, crime and welfare and education. The GOP has, of course, had its share of moral lapses, intellectual failures and political defeats. But none would compare with choosing Trump as our nominee.

And so Republicans should resist and reverse the current trend of events.

After all, we disdain claims of historical inevitability and scorn the charms of pseudo-sophisticated fatalism. There is still time to defeat Trump’s effort to win the Republican nomination — he has won about 35 percent of the overall vote so far and has about 44 percent of the delegates chosen. And even if Trump were to be the official nominee, there would be no reason not to mount an independent Republican candidacy in the general election. Either way, we can prevail — or go down fighting, with flags flying and guns blazing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 11:54:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Go down fighting. There will be so few at your funeral you'll likely have to bury yourselves.

It would behoove these so called conservatives to try to understand this: while Trump may be your opponent, the Democrats are your enemy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 2:31:00 pm  

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