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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Muslims Celebrate Brussels Jihad Attacks on Social Media Outlets

Another Victory for Allah The Great

From the Jerusalem Post:
ISIS adherents on social media were celebrating the deadly terror attacks that took place in Brussels Tuesday morning, for which the terror organization has taken responsibility according to reports. 
The blasts at the airport and metro station which killed at least 34 people occurred four days after the arrest in Brussels of a suspected participant in the November ISIS attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. 
Belgian police had been on alert for any reprisal action. Shortly after the first explosion in Zaventem airport that resulted in the killing of 14 people, Islamic State's supporters created the Twitter hashtag, "Brussels is on fire," to express their happiness in light of the attack and deliver threatening messages to "Western Crusaders." 
The most common remark under the hashtag was "You declared war against us and bombed us, and we attack you inside your homeland." After each additional attack, ISIS supporters celebrated writing "Allahu Akbar." 
The popular hashtag is apparently inspired by a similar hashtag created by ISIS supporters after the November 13 Paris terror attacks, "Paris is on fire." 
Both of these terror attacks seemingly share not only a similar hashtag, but also a similar mode of operation – terrorists that infiltrate into crowded public places wearing explosive belts and detonate themselves.
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