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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Finally Trump sees the light in the Senate – KILL THE LEGISLATIVE FILIBUSTER

Roll Call News Without Opinion:

Trump Wants September Shutdown to Kill Legislative Filibuster

President appears unconcerned with power he could hand future Democratic chief executive

Our country needs a good “shutdown” in September to fix mess!
President Donald Trump on Tuesday endorsed ending filibusters of legislation in the Senate and allowing bills to pass via a simple majority — while calling for a government shutdown in September seemingly to force such a momentous change.
Trump made the stunning call a day after his White House and congressional GOP leaders struggled to counter Democratic claims of victory over a $1 trillion fiscal 2017 spending measure that is expected to hit Trump’s desk late this week.
And it was the latest in a string of outlandish statements by the president in recent days that have included openness to meeting with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un and confusion about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War.
BTW Roll Call News Without Opinion .. “outlandish statements” is an opinion.
If McConnell does this, I will write him a happy letter (fat chance)
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Blogger Kid said...

Ryan needs replaced by Gowdy and McConnell needs replaced by Ted Cruz.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017 2:11:00 am  

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