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It Is Not A Good Idea
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

11 Quick Things To Know About The Inspector General’s Report

From Mollie Hemingway:
2. FBI Agent Who Led Both The Clinton and Trump Probes Promised He’d Prevent Trump’s Election 
On page 420, the IG says that the conduct of five FBI employees who were caught talking about their extreme political bias in the context of their duties “has brought discredit to themselves, sowed doubt about the FBI’s handling of the Midyear investigation, and impacted the reputation of the FBI.” The Midyear investigation was the code for the Clinton probe. Or note this blistering passage: 
[W]hen one senior FBI official, [Peter] Strzok, who was helping to lead the Russia investigation at the time, conveys in a text message to another senior FBI official, [Lisa] Page, that ‘we’ll stop’ candidate Trump from being elected—after other extensive text messages between the two disparaging candidate Trump—it is not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects. This is antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the Department of Justice.
3. Comey Mishandled The Clinton Probe In Multiple Ways 
It’s worth re-reading Acting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s May 9, 2017, recommendation that James Comey be fired as FBI director. He cited Comey’s usurpation of the attorney general’s authority in his press conference announcing that Clinton’s case would be closed without prosecution, the release of derogatory information about Clinton despite the decision to not indict her, and Comey’s letter to Congress announcing the FBI had reopened a probe against Clinton. 
The IG backs up each and every one of those critiques, and adds much more detail to them. 
We concluded that Comey’s unilateral announcement was inconsistent with Department policy and violated long-standing Department practice and protocol by, among other things, criticizing Clinton’s uncharged conduct. We also found that Comey usurped the authority of the Attorney General, and inadequately and incompletely described the legal position of Department prosecutors.
6. FBI Almost Got Away With Ignoring Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop 
In September 2016, when an investigator in the Southern District of New York found hundreds of thousands of Clinton emails and Blackberry messages on a laptop being searched in relation to an investigation of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, he immediately alerted his supervisors. They alerted the FBI, who sat on the information for weeks, only acting after the New York office complained repeatedly...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This should pretty much put to rest the old saw about the "honest, hardworking, rank-and-file agents doing a good job."
What a load of B.S. The FBI is rotten,
top to bottom. And if that's the case with a "transparent" law enforcement agency, just imagine the corruption in the DOJ, then the CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO and all the rest of the intelligence agencies. The gov't just seeks to perpetuate itself and its cozy sinecures. "If you have nothing to hide,
you have nothing to worry about," indeed.

Sunday, June 17, 2018 2:52:00 am  

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