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Friday, June 22, 2018

Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions

Troops Are Looking Pretty Good, Don't You Think, Rudolf?

Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions 
A secret German defence white paper calling for the acceleration of the formation of a joint European Union Army has been leaked, revealing German ambitions to side-line NATO by creating a pan-EU force. 
The paper had seen its release date pushed back until after the British referendum on EU membership, apparently over fears that it would play into the hands of those advocating a Leave vote. But a copy has been handed to the Financial Times, revealing the scale of Germany’s ambition for a pan-EU Army – led by Germany. 
Germany has already taken steps to merge its military forces with those of the Netherlands, with a number of Dutch units already under German control. But the paper outlines steps to broaden this initiative, bringing the disparate national forces within EU member states under one umbrella – with Germany in charge. 
“German security policy has relevance — also far beyond our country,” the paper states. “Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates … to take responsibility and assume leadership”. 
It argues that the EU’s defence industry is currently “organised nationally and seriously fragmented,” raising costs, preventing it from competing internationally, and making it difficult to mount joint operations. 
“It is therefore necessary that military capabilities are jointly planned, developed, managed, procured and deployed to raise the interoperability of Europe’s defence forces and to further improve Europe’s capacity to act,” the paper states. 
At the European level, Germany’s ministry of defence therefore wants to see joint civil-military headquarters for EU operations, a council of defence ministers, and co-ordinated production and sharing of military equipment. 
However, it stresses that the changes will not threaten Germany’s “own technological sovereignty.”
Honestly, this is a just a head fake by Germany.

Everyone knows their real Army is the Muslims they import.

They are there to do Germany's dirty work.
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