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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

One America News Report on the Las Vegas Massacre

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a Saudi operation in retaliation to JASTA. Two Saudi operatives entered paddocks room posing as buyers for automatic weapons. They kill him, take his cell phone and hard drive, bust out 2windows and begin shooting. They leave a threatening note indicating more will come if JASTA is not resended.

As for Darnley, she can best be described as a gold digger. Look at her past relationships, dumps one husband for a seemingly richer one. Her passport shows she is from a small town in north central Luzon an area deeply cultured in Catholicism. Rules out Muslim extremist. Gold digger.

This video also describes a time line of paddock buying these firearms soon after Trump gets elected. This is also after JASTA becomes law. To a Saudi Royal, to have infadels investigate your personal royal business is far worse than any financial legal action. There are many very wealthy Saudi royals more villan than what Ian Fleming could create. It would not be that difficult to convince someone like Paddock that you want buy these kind of weapons under the table for big money.

There is undisputedly an unusual Saudi presence in Vegas before and during the time of the masacare. Soon after Jared Kushner makes a trip to the Middle East for an undisclosed purpose. Then in the most bazar turn of events the Crown Prince arrests many of the royal family. Anybody that would seem to be a potential target of JASTA was arrested. Name one that wasn’t.

JASTA has had little to no legal activity except for a token ruling last month. Probably only a strange coincidence but I have to point it out that the two no votes on JASTA were Obama and Harry Reid of Nevada.

Thursday, June 21, 2018 7:24:00 am  

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