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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Israeli Scientist, doubts laser missile defense

TEL AVIV — A scientist here has questioned the feasibility of a laser-based missile defense system despite a decades-long effort by both the United States and the Soviet Union.
ABL mounted on the nose of a 747.

Laser weapons have failed to overcome atmospheric conditions to ensure reliability in the interception of enemy missiles and rockets, he said. As a result, laser weapons would be expensive and overcome by incoming missile and rocket salvos.

Israel it must be mentioned decided to reject MTHEL in favor of trying to hit Katyushas, Zelzals and others with kinetic weapons.
"Despite a huge amount of investment and development, there has been no breakthrough," Yehoshua Socol, an instructor at the Colleage of Judea and Samaria, said.
My money is on the speed of light as a kill system (especially in the desert)..just repoint your mirror and ping. Vulcan point defense for the rest.

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