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Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's "NEW COLD WAR" Day !

1: Russian Navy eyes Syria bases to expand Mideast presence
2: Russian plans for Deployment Worldwide Presage Oil $$
3: Look for China's aircraft carrier within two years
4: Reports of sale to Iran of Su-30s rattle Israelis

1: MOSCOW — Russia plans to expand its naval presence in the Middle East, starting in Syria.

GERTZ:Officials said the Russian Navy has been pressing Moscow's allies to expand basing and anchoring rights. They said the navy has sought to establish a permanent naval presence that would include such countries as Algeria, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. "The Mediterranean Sea is very important strategically for the Black Sea fleet," Russian Navy commander Adm. Vladimir Masorin said. "I propose that, with the involvement of the Northern and Baltic fleets, the Russian Navy should restore its permanent presence there." Masorin, in an Aug. 3 statement, reflected Russia's intention to expand the navy's presence in the Middle East, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean. In 2006, Moscow was said to have reached agreement with Syria for a permanent Russian Navy presence at the ports of Latakia and Tartus. In his statement, the Russian Navy commander did not mention Syria.
Back to the days of the Russkis shadowing the 5th Fleet with destroyers, cruisers, and subs designed to saturate the defenses of a carrier fleet. .........And apparently the days of Russian ling range reconaissaince bombers flying along the east coast as well

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