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Sunday, August 05, 2007

What is inside the Russkis heads (II)? or..an Iranian weekend roundup

GERTZ: Iran briefed on Russian Su-30 fighters as counter to U.S. F-15

MOSCOW — Iran is researching a Russian offer to purchase its advanced Su-30 fighter-jets.

Russian industry sources said Iran has been briefed on the Sukhoi, designed for deep strike missions that would extend Iran's offensive capabilities. "Iran needs an advanced fighter that could battle the U.S.-origin F-15 and F-16," an industry source said. "The only fighter that is available that could do this is the Su-30." The sources said Russia has offered to coproduce the Su-30 in Teheran and train Iranians to maintain and overhaul the aircraft. They said the Russian offer depended on an Iranian order of at least 50 aircraft. The Su-30 has been described as a two-seat multi-role fighter comparable to the F-15E. India has been a major client of the Su-30 and plans to coproduce the aircraft.

RUSSKIS ARE OUT OF THEIR GOURDS. Picture an incidental radioactive cloud floating via prevailing winds from Iran over Baikal. EVEN IF IT'S THE RESULT OF AN IRANIAN ACTION

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