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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Followup On An Uncorroborated Report From the Area of Camp Pendleton

A few days ago I post the following story:

Because I live in Orange County, CA, I am hearing that something is up at Camp Pendleton which is, seemingly, unprecedented.

A woman I am friends with told me that she has lived in Coto De Caza, CA (it's a country club area) perhaps 8-12 miles (as the crow flies) from Pendleton, and she has never heard "anything like it."

For the past "two weeks" there has been "non-stop night time bombing" exercises going on.

She said that in the past 12 years she has never heard bombing for more than one night, and even then, it's only been a few bombs.

I asked her if some of the bombs were bigger than any she had ever heard before, and she said, "Yes."

Is Camp Pendleton conducting practice night time raids against Iran?

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I admit that, because I am not well-versed in military matters, I was cowed by the following comments:

Total said...
The MOP has only been tested at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico; the same place where they tested the MOAB and the original Trinity atomic bomb. As Matrix said, Camp Pendleton is too close to a population center and it has never really had a history as an experimental weapons test site.

Total said...
In regard to El Centro and the Salton Sea: it is currently used as a training site for U.S. and British helicopter crews as the terrain and temperature there resembles the environment in Afghanistan closely.

Anonymous said...
More than likely it's Marine F/A-18s doing some runs. Obama WILL not fight Iran. I find it amusing people thinks he will.

Secondly, the Marines don't have any aircraft that can carry those big ass bunker busters. The Air Force does and they have their own ranges and more secluded.

And then, today, in a telephone conversation explaining the post to my friend Midnight Rider, I realized that I could have been right in my assessment of the situation all along, and the story could be bigger than I realized in the first place.

First, when I was in this lady's home (once again, just a few miles from Camp Pendleton) I heard the distinctive sound of F-16's flying overhead several times. In fact, that is what brought up the conversation about the bombing. (For the record, living in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area, I am used to the sound of F-16's, which are called out whenever there is danger suspected at John Wayne Airport/LAX/Disneyland. And, the Marines, to my knowledge, do not have F-16's. Am I wrong about that?)

I asked her, "What the hell was that?"

And she responded by telling me the story of the night-bombing exercises she has been hearing for the past two weeks.

In fact, what we could be witnessing here is a joint Air Force and Marine exercise. If that is the case, then the Pentagon has a larger plan in the works than the one upon which I initially speculated.

Could it be that the Air Force intends to bomb Iran, and drop Marine Special Forces into Tehran to take control during the course of the bombing?

Note, I do not believe that Obama is in control of the whole nation. If you look at history, you will see that there are always larger plans at work (constructed by the Pentagon, CIA, State Dept., and the FBI) which each succeeding Administration is called to conform to.

Even the Carter Administration followed through on the Containment Policy, conceived by George Kennan in 1946 (to the extent that he was not capable of rejecting the over-arching plan).

From Wikipedia:

(Containment was a United States policy using military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to temper the spread of Communism, enhance America’s security and influence abroad, and prevent a "domino effect". A component of the Cold War, the policy was a response to a series of moves by theSoviet Union to expand Communist influence in Eastern Europe, China, and Korea. It represented a middle-ground position between appeasement androllback. The basis of the doctrine was articulated in a 1946 cable by U.S. diplomat George F. Kennan. As a description of U.S. foreign policy, the word originated in a report Kennan submitted to Defense Secretary James Forrestal in January 1947, a report that was later published as a magazine article. It is a translation of the French cordon sanitaire, used to describe Western policy toward the Soviet Union in the 1920s.)
Even Jimmy Carter, in all his Pacifist Glory, was incapable of putting an end to this policy.

And so, I believe, even Obama, in all his anti-American-hegemony Glory is powerless to put a stop to the larger plans, already in the works, by the Pentagon.

What do you say? Do you really believe Obama has the absolute authority to tell the Pentagon, "No", without severe repercussions?

Remember, we live in a system of checks and balances.

Or, am I wrong?
Follow on from Midnight Rider:
As I said to Pastorius. Obama may be an Alinskyite (may be???) but at the same time I don't think he wants to see America attacked. He may want to see it socialist or communist but he still wants to be the one running the show.
If he percceives a threat to the country he may act to disrupt it.
Now, whether he disrupts it to protect America as it is or as he hopes to change it to/in his own self interest is open to discussion.
He does not want to surrender his "rule", his power. So, if he sees a threat, he may attack first, if only to preserve his own position.
Beyond everything else, he's a narcissist. He gets off on being in charge. Of the world knowing HE is the President (he has no problem reminding people of that).
Do you really think he'd want to let that go?
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Blogger LL said...

A system of checks and balances where Dear Leader controls the chessboard.

That said, joint exercises and bombing is not all that unusual.

I know that living in Coto, it might seem unusual, but it's not.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 4:56:00 am  
Anonymous Total said...

No, the Marines do not operate F-16s. The F-16, however, is incapable of carrying the 30,000 pound MOP. The maximum payload of the F-16 is 17,000 pounds and it is simply not big enough to carry the MOP. The MOP is intended to be carried only by the B-1 and B-2 bombers, which both have a payload ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 pounds (and can carry only two). The F-16s may have been dropping 5,000 pound GBU-28s or 2,000 pound GBU-24s.


Saturday, August 29, 2009 5:34:00 am  
Blogger Reliapundit said...



Saturday, August 29, 2009 6:01:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama is limited by the long term plans of the Pentagon however, he is also encouraged by the state dept.

Recall, the ever disgusting Samantha Power is officially back on the inside in a top foreign policy position as senior director for multilateral affairs at the NSC.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 6:16:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

It would seem the jury is out.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 6:44:00 am  
Blogger In Mary's Image said...

maybe we shouldn't be theorizing in public about this...

Saturday, August 29, 2009 6:55:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

If you live in Coto, you are just two miles from where I was. I was just a couple of miles up Oso Pkwy.

You must be hearing the same thing this woman is testifying to.

Is she telling the truth?

Have you been hearing nightime bombing for the past few weeks?

Sunday, August 30, 2009 6:19:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Ok, so F-16's can't carry MOAB's. That does not mean the Air Force has not also brought in the planes which carry MOAB's.

Something is going on.

I'm trying to give the information. If you know about the military, then let me know what you think.

The woman told me the bombs are louder and more powerful than anything she has ever heard. And that the bombing has been going on for several weeks.

What do you think is going on?

Sunday, August 30, 2009 6:21:00 am  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

They can practice all they want.

Ask yourself this.

Is Barack Obama going to say yes?

He will have to.
No air force or marine officer is going to do this and then say it was ordered in 2004 or 2005.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 12:34:00 pm  
Blogger Christine said...

People who live near the military know when something's up. In normal times, not unlike living near a fire station, you become deaf to the sound. I "heard" the Iraq war start, before it was announced.

On another note, even in this day and age of far too many cats being let out the bag, there are still secrets. And yes, some secrets really are important. Obviously i hope whatever is going on, involves knocking Iran on it's ass. But, we won't know for sure until it starts.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 2:53:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

You are absolutely right about that.

I live between a number of bases and silos. I heard both the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War coming months before they arrived.

Every night, cargo planes flying over head all night long.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 4:15:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Let's put it this way, I believe Barack Obama would be under enormous pressure to do things according to plan.

If he says "No", then he will be made to pay for it, just as Bush was punished by the CIA for doing the things he did.

The State Dept. and the CIA hated Bush because he did not follow their larger plan.

Do you agree with me on that?

Sunday, August 30, 2009 4:17:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right the Marines do not have F-16s. Here's a link you might find helpful: http://www.pendleton.usmc.mil/information/noiseAdvisory.asp

Also, I do agree Obama doesn't want an attack here. Because if we get attacked here than it's over for him, done. He's an appeaser with a Muslim name. The progressives have this belief if you play nice and say sorry we'll be left alone. Rude ass awakening coming.

It'll be up to us "bitter clingers" with their God and guns.

Crazy times we live in.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:16:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Another link.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:18:00 pm  

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