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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Cloward Piven Strategy Finally Reaching its Sorry Conclusion and Should Conservatives Go Along and “Let it Burn”

I haven’t been thinking such cataclysmic thoughts since the outrageous Stimulus of 3/2009, which was the impetus for the tea party movement.
TodayAce, in a typically insightful post, vented about how throughout the 2012 election campaign, the media class let Obama slide on  entitlement spending. Everyone knows we’re on an unsustainable path, but they didn’t challenge the President who had no answers, and they allowed him to demagogue the two guys that did.
It has long been a mark of the Smart Set to acknowledge the distressing problem of financing our entitlement systems. For decades, a pundit on the pages of the Washington Post could make his rent by writing the same basic column once a month — “While these nincompooops in DC argue about this or that temporary trivia, everyone ignores the real problem, which is that, due to the Baby Boom followed by a very long Baby Bust, there are too few workers to support the ever-growing cohort of retired folks, and this problem will get worse and worse every year until we either do something about it or we don’t, in which case the system collapses catastrophically.”
Even liberals who didn’t understand math (which is most of them) knew that the Smarter Folks who did understand math were quite certain this was a problem, and so echoed their concerns.
But it was politics before country for the MSM, and now that they’ve reached their goal of getting their Precious elected, they’re wringing their hands again about entitlements.
Now comes the Washington Post, after fighting assiduously to re-elect the team pandering on entitlements, slandering and lying — I’m sorry, I mean “Fact-Checking” — the team which told the truth about entitlements, to impotently object that “entitlements must be on the table.”
They have no credibility on the issue. If this was such an important issue– which they remember to say again after the election — why did they work so hard to elect the Party determined to pander and offer nothing but Mathematical Fantasies? When it comes to pandering, their mouths say “No” but their eyes say “Yes yes yes,” and the Democrats know it.
Continuing on to his next post, Ace muses:
I’d sure like to see this “balanced approach” Obama talks about so much, on paper. An equal amount of tax hikes and spending cuts would in fact be a far more right wing proposal than he’s actually put forward.
His actual plan is about as balanced as, say, France’s Socialists are implementing.
The French economy has been stuck at zero percent growth for months, while unemployment has climbed to above 10 percent — and all signs point to an oncoming recession.
Sounds like a plan. Let’s do that.
I’m finding the gravitational pull of the Let It Burn caucus growing increasingly strong and increasingly irresistible.
Are we now living through the final stages of a decades long strategy to wreck the US economy?
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Blogger midnight rider said...

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