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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jeffrey Goldberg is a coward and apologist for Hamas

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg - the same one who attacked Pamela Geller and said not to support Israel at the time of the brush fire because the country "is rich", as though money is more important than human lives, has made a fool of himself again by opposing a ground invasion of Gaza:
The air campaign against Hamas rocket sites is understandable and defensible. A ground invasion will lead to misery and woe; to a total rupture with Egypt; to a further loss of legitimacy, and thus, deterrent capability -- and, at the end of the day, does anyone actually believe that Israel would be able to fully neutralize the Hamas/Islamic Jihad threat? These groups might need time to rebuild, but they would be rebuilt. And then what? Another ground invasion?
It's not hard to figure he views palestinians as something they're not - a race and a country - and doesn't want Israel to "occupy" Gaza anymore. And Israel's relations with Egypt were on the rocks  2 decades ago, so there's no point in doing trying to lead any with them now. Goldberg is only further cementing his reputation as an apologist for Islamofascism, and he can say whatever he likes but it's clear he cares less about Israeli human life than he does about warmongering.
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Blogger Epaminondas said...

He actually imagines there is middle ground, that is the problem.
Abbas recently made a remark indicating he was personally rethinking right of return, and immediately found himself in a shitstorm.

HAMAS is not rethinking a damned thing. At every truce they have grown stronger and with more threatening weapons.

Israel needs to make their case and DECLARE WAR FORMALLY. And send a real heartfelt warning note to Morsi not to be COMPLETELY stupid because then, all bets are off. ALL BETS. That damn at the first cataract is a BIG TARGET, and would be the END of modern Egypt.

Your pal,

Sunday, November 18, 2012 2:16:00 pm  
Anonymous Benue said...

I don't want ground troops in Gaza either. But that's because I don't want to see them bogged down in Gaza when they will most likely have a much bigger fire to put out in the near future. And that bigger fire will be the source of Hamas' power.

Monday, November 19, 2012 5:55:00 pm  

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