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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama SILENT as Egypt Claims HAMAS a subject for Egyptian Protection

After 100’s of rockets fell on Israel from the south, as Syrian artillery fell on Israel from the north, Obama remained silent.
When Israel, unwilling to sit there as they are nailed from two fronts, reacted to remove one, Obama was silent.
Now Egypt says the days of Arabs doing nothing while HAMAS, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza faces justice and retribution after attacking the Israel homeland are over. Egypt says their brothers now have the backing of a new correlation of forces due to the Arab Spring.
I think they have SERIOUSLY misjudged Israel. It is pretty obvious that on a generation there will either be a HAMAS or an Israel. Not both. Egypt backing HAMAS equal to their rhetoric means a lot of American equipment and aid given them is going become garbage.
I think, however they have judged Obama in another manner, and he is really having a lousy go of it right now.
Quelles dommages.
I wonder if Obama told Morsi this was because of the video.
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