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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"They now recognize that those offices were created to build personal contacts, the most durable and useful way to gain voters”

That from an article titled “Why Romney never saw it coming”

This is about WHAT TO DO

Perhaps Barack Obama does not care for people or contact, or the political game, but he is the title character in a movie produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Scorcese, and with special effects by Pixar, and Lucas.

This is a lesson for the Republicans in a way that is unanticipated, and a problem compounded by being last at the party.

I was not the only one by a long shot to notice that Latinos voted Obama 2-1, and Blacks more than 9-1, and Asians by about 7-1. Nor was I the only one to notice that voters < 30 showed up in numbers greater than 2008, and went Obama 3-2.

The WSJ, on the day of the election noted that if the % of white voters was 72% or less Obama wins. It was 72%, and as low as it has ever been. So it didn’t matter that less Americans who happen to be Jewish voted for Obama..in fact near or at an all time low vote for democrats. His vote there decreased by 30% from 2008. It didn’t matter if independents broke solidly for Romney as he planned, and JUST AS HE WISHED. In numbers which pleased.

The Romney campaign thought Obama’s base had lost its affection for its candidate. They believed Obama would win only if he won over independent voters. So Romney focused on independents and the economy, which was their key issue. The Republican ground game was focused on winning those voters. “We thought the only way to win was doing well with independents and we were kicking ass with independents,” says a top aide. 

We have no way knowing what proportions will be present in future elections, but I can tell you that from 1845-1924 all proportions changed RADICALLY. Then we had the Irish beginning in the 1840’s, Asians just after, and then the great European immigration in waves from about 1880 to 1924 when congress changed the laws.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign was openly dismissive of the Obama ground game. Why are they wasting so much money with neighborhood offices, they asked? (In Ohio, for example, Obama had almost 100 more offices than Romney.) In retrospect, the Romney team is in awe and full of praise of the Obama operation. “They spent four years working block by block, person by person to build their coalition,” says a top aide. They now recognize that those offices were created to build personal contacts, the most durable and useful way to gain voters.

If the Republicans BELIEVE in their message then they had better be convincing  folks at ground level why their message is the right one. It IS the message of the founders, after all. I don’t think Valerie Jarret’s Alinsky-istas were propounding why these values were the ones which would help the people every day, and then seeing to it that these principles DID SO. The SEIU doesn’t help poor people by empowering them to empower themselves with the inner strength of achievement. They simply demonstrated the values in BULLYING and got economic end of things done.

But first the Republican Party NEEDS is to YIELD to and then ENCOMPASS the ideals of pre 1924 immigration as THE THING which built the backbone of what men like Vanderbilt,  Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Edison, and Tesla were able to achieve. 

THE THING which supplied the men who broke the back of Germany and Japan. 

THE THING which yielded the children who destroyed the Soviet union, invented the items for and engineered the flights to the moon.

THEN the Republicans need to establish the ground level effort to ensure those people who, REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER CONSIDERATION deserve to be forwarded BY THE EFFORT OF THE PARTY to the jobs which will build the backbone this nation so desperately needs. 

THEN the Republicans need to establish ONE neighborhood at a time they are NOT a bunch of old white guys with money for commercials every 4 years, but the PROPONENTS of those ideas which will ensure the success of these people and their families across more than the length of their unemployment checks, and the next congressional fit over welfare programs.

That’s JUST STEP ONE. And it’s not about 2016. It’s about MORE THAN A GENERATION of American voters. Voters who not only make the success of the party, but underlines the success of the nation which changes the world, AS A HABIT.

We all know what kind of effort a marriage takes. Obama’s method should have taught us THIS IS THE SAME. Obama’s team is the Bill Belichek, and Billy Beane of politics.

Accept it.
There is no alternative.

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