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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

French Charlie Hebdo launches 'series' about the life of the Prophet Mohammed.Part I - "The beginnings of a prophet"

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:



Who owns Muhammad? He belongs to all. He is the prophet of Muslims, of course, but for others it is a historical figure or a legend.We can caricature draw Muhammad as a caricature of Jesus , Napoleon or Zorro.

When we depict a Muhammad cartoon in Charlie, we caricature mostly the idea that the extremists make of him.Or we use Muhammad to oppose Muslim radicals.

In all cases, it is the vision of God's madmen that determines the way we portray Muhammad.
We must tell the truth we do not know Muhammad.

In the West, everybody can quote episodes from the life of Jesus, but who can quote an episode from the life of Muhammad?

Is this normal in a country like France, where Islam is presented as a second religion?
We have portrayed the life of Muhammad as the Muslims chroniclers have told. No humor added.
If the form will appear blasphemous to some, the bottom is perfectly halal ... For you to see.

Full story here.
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Blogger Charles Martel said...

These guys have balls! I wish someone in this country dared to publish something like this.

The guys behind South Park did and fatwas on their heads, but I believe they did no go in hiding, like Eric Allen Bell and the cartoonist in Seattle, the one with the idea "Let's all draw Mohammad! They will not kill us all!" She did not count on the fact the savages would single her out ...

Thursday, January 03, 2013 3:24:00 am  

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