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It Is Not A Good Idea
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GENERAL IN CHIEF OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD - In which Colin Powell Reveals the despicable person he is

The first time I felt uneasiness about Powell was over the ‘Highway of Death’ in 1991. I could not understand for the life of me, why, when American boys lives were on the line and we had all sons of bitches with Iraqi symbols painted on their backs, he would call off a slaughter of those whose job it was to kill Americans. I could NOT understand why ANY justification could be made not to completely obliterate the Iraqi Army (though that last decision may have been made above his pay grade). However, the results led to our semi-permanent presence over northern and southern Iraq  and caused, WITHOUT QUESTION, the later involvements in 2003 with greater pain for everyone.
“THE CRUELER IT IS THE SOONER IT IS OVER”. I guess he thought Sherman’s rule of war useless in the modern era of ‘limited goal’ warfare. I wonder if those endangered hurt and killed felt the goal was limited.
But, you know, you let it slide, because the guy seemed to know what he was doing.
Then, of course, we had the continuous self identification as a Republican despite a lack of declaration of his own personal idea set. Okay, that’s true for a lot of politicians. ‘Don’t say anything because someone might not like it’
Then came his support of Obama, which, pardon me ECHOED CLEARLY Samuel (“I voted for Barack because he was black”) Jackson’s clear set of support principles. Sorry General, but it was just TOO obvious, and I found it OBJECTIONABLE because I voted the OTHER WAY when an american who happened to be Jewish was slated for VP.
But now, even though we may agree that Powell’s new characterization of HIS party as having a dark racist side (sorry, Senator Byrd, but don’t they all?), his lack of questioning of the OTHER SIDE’S COMMENT’S (Biden and 7-11?), and his DEFENSE of Chuck Hagel (“Jew Lobby” is a phrase that sometimes just slips out) tell us JUST WHO AND WHAT COLIN POWELL IS.
Robert E Lee, Thomas Jackson, James Longstreet, all seemed to be ‘honorable’ men, but they turned themselves into historical trash not because they fought for the Confederacy, but because they aided OFFICIAL bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance NO MATTER what baloney they were telling themselves.
And THAT, readers, is what ‘slipped out’ of Colin Powell’s consciousness. A man who decries the phrase ‘lazy’ when connected to Obama as being a racial slur by  republicans which characterized the party, DEFENDS “JEW LOBBY” as just another slip of the tongue.
Chuck Hagel’s is UNACCEPTABLE in any way as a cabinet member for the same reasons Trent Lott was unacceptable as Majority Leader. This is true BEFORE WE EVEN GET TO HIS IDEAS ABOUT IRAN OR THE MIDDLE EAST.
BTW General, thank you for your service (seriously), you have personally achieved a remarkable string of professional standards, but you can stay home now.
Contact a certain former president for useful activities.
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Blogger Liberalmann said...

In typical wingnut fashion they throw anyone under the bus they once exalted if they show the hypocrisies and racism of the right.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 2:01:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

Sorry, but this man EXCUSED RACISM in his statement that "JEW LOBBY is a phrase that just slips out". That makes him as unacceptable as a role model or leader as was Rbt E Lee, or Strom Thurmond.

REGARDLESS OF COLOR...and BTW it makes you a dupe

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 3:37:00 pm  

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